Christmsa 2014

Christmas this year was so special.  Chad took off work the whole week of Christmas and it was so nice to have him home with us.  I will admit my productivity has been lacking having him home though.  We have been pretty lazy just hanging out and enjoying our last Christmas as a family of three.  Christmas Eve Olivia woke up with a fever, but no other symptoms of sickness.  We decided to skip the candlelight service at church because she wasn't feeling so great.  We went to eat dinner at my Mom's and came home early to get little miss in the bed so Santa could come!
It was so much fun playing Santa this year!
I set out the milk and cookies we made and spent forever arranging all of her presents under the tree just right - and realizing we got her way to much stuff, oh well.

I could not wait to see her face on Christmas morning!
She woke up with a fever again, but that didn't stop her from digging into her toys.  Her favorite was her American Girl doll and stroller.  

She had a blast on her trampoline when she finally discovered it under all of the presents.  She was a little overwhelmed with all of the unwrapping so I got to do most of that, but she was very excited about all of her new toys.

After we finished opening gifts we went to my Mom's for a late breakfast and to open presents with over there.  We just kept it comfy in our pajamas and ate some very yummy breakfast complete with homemade biscuits, gravy and hashbrown casserole. 
Love these sweet babies so much!

We even let the boys in on a pic after they begged of course ;)

After we all had a nice long nap the weather was too perfect not to get outside so we bundled this little  diva up and went for a walk.

It was such a relaxing and fun day.  I wsa glad that it wasn't so busy that we didn't get to enjoy it.  After Olivia went to bed Chad and I ignored the masses of toys covering our living room, snuggled up and watched some Christmas Vacation.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.  It is so hard to believe that we will have another baby next Christmas. I am so thankful for all of my blessings and celebrating the best of one all, Jesus Christ being born!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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