Christmas Straglers

December passed by in a whirlwind as it tends to do.  It seemed especially fast this year though, days seem shorter when you nap at least once and go to bed before 8.  This pregnancy is pretty much kicking my butt in the energy department.  So here is to a little catching up.
I drug my kid to see Santa even know I knew what the outcome was going to be.  She was pumped up saying "Santa" the whole way to the mall.  All the way up until the time she actually saw him and realized I was going to hand her over to him.  This is what resulted...

Poor Santa was a good sport and kept his smile even though Olivia was clearly not being very nice.  We got a coupon for a free cookie and that cheered her right up.

Since it has been cold outside we haven't been able to go to the park or play in the back yard and burn off extra energy.  Olivia literally ran a loop around the mall at least 10 times and I just let her.  She was laughing and smiling the whole time only stopping to get a sip of my iiisheee (icee).  We stopped at tazikis for lunch on the way home where she did not eat one bite and barely let me eat two before interrupting the table next to us with her shenanigans.  It was a fun traumatic day for us both.

Chad and I got to go on a date night to our annual friend's Christmas party.  This year it was tacky style so a few of us decided to do Christmas Vacation characters.

I can't even look at this picture of cousin Eddie without giggling.  We had a great time getting to hang out with our friends and stay out late.  My sister came to my house and hung out while Olivia slept (for a little while at least).  Olivia was still having a hard time with her teeth and decided to wake up in the middle of the night ( and every 45 minutes from the hours of 1am until 6 am) so we headed home to check on the babe.  
Love this crazy group~

I'm thinking next year's Christmas card?? ;)

Merry late Christmas ya filthy animals!

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