December Days

Since coming home from New York I feel like life has been a whirlwind of holiday events. As usual, this month is passing by way too fast and I think I should have done a better job planning it out so that we could relax and enjoy the season a bit more.  Already marking off dates for next year ;) 
We have done lots of fun stuff so far though including getting our very first real Christmas Tree!

We made a trip to our local Christmas tree farm to pick it out and it was so pretty right at sunset.  The weather was warm enough to just hang out and look around for a while before we picked out the perfect tree.  I was a little disappointed when Chad refused to cut the tree down himself, but we opted for the pre cut since we were running out of daylight.  We bought big, old fashioned, colored lights to decorate it with and little O just loves it.  I have yet to put any actual decorations on it yet (or take a picture of it), but I kinda like it that way.
Olivia (and Chad) attended her first Gardendale Christmas parade!  She got to stay up way past her bedtime and eat lots and lots of candy so I think she had a pretty good time, even though she wouldn't smile for the camera to save her life.  She had a blast with her cousins and their friends too.  She walked around giving everyone hugs to pass the time before the parade started :)

Everyone has heard of the Polar Express, right?  Hot chocolate and cookies in your pj's on a real train to the North Pole to visit Santa himself!  You know we had to jump on that experience.  I had been excited about this one for weeks, we even got our tickets months in advance.  I dressed Olivia in her cutest jammies and matching bow and I even wore coordinating pajamas with her.  We picked Chad up at work because you can't be late to these things.  Approximately 1 mile from our destination my child starts pulling on her car seat and saying "out, out, out" and we tell her just a minute, we are almost there.  It wasn't soon enough.  She threw up everywhere.  Not just a little.  I am talking all over her and the car seat soaking her perfect little jammies and covering the straps of her seat so deep you couldn't even see them across her chest.  I pulled into a gas station to assess the damage. I opened the back door and one look (and sniff) was all I could handle.  Poor Chad had to dig her out of her seat while I tried not to watch being totally useless, I know.  He handed her to me and I peeled her clothes off and wiped her down with a wet wipe the best I could and covered her up with a blanket.  You know, all good moms carry an extra set of clothes with them wherever they go.  I of course, had nothing with me at all.  I was just about ready to hang it up and head home when Nana called and assured me she would be fine in an oversized t shirt from the gift store and her jacket.  Olivia was dancing in the front seat, pushing every button she could get her little grimy hands on and seemed to be feeling fine, just car sick.  We decided to go ahead with the evening and ended up having a good time.  We did almost miss the train and my kid looked like a homeless child we picked up off the side of the road, especially since I brought her barefoot because I was rushing from the car to the train we were about to miss.  It was only 40 degrees outside, who needs shoes?  She danced her little merry shoe-less self to the Christmas carols and screamed her head off when Santa came near (as expected) and it was a jolly good time.  I guess I can say I will never forget her first trip to the Polar Express.

Supper club this month got switched to our house and I was super excited to make it festive.  We had white chicken chili, grilled cheeses and salad along with a ton a yummy sweets.  I am so thankful for these sweet friends and that we make a point to hang out at least one night each month.  Life is so busy it is so nice to just hang out with your friends sometimes.

I hope everyone is enjoying their December so far and soaking up every last minute of holiday goodness!  I have about 73 presents to wrap so I guess I better get to it!
Only 10 days until Christmas, you ready?

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    Happy Holidays!