Trick or Treat!

Happy November 1st!  
Spiders are coming down while the Christmas music is playing around here today.  I can hardly wait to start the holiday baking!  But first, lets recap Halloween!  Every year we go to my mom's, she has a huge party with lots of yummy food and decorations.  We arrived a little later than I planned, shocker right? so we ate a quick bite and headed out to trick or treat before my little pumpkin turned into a goblin.
You gotta love a good family costume and I have had my heart set on this one for a while.  Chad totally cheated on his part.  I had him a really cool bear hoodie on order and he nixed that idea pretty fast.  I think it still worked out ok though :)  Olivia would not let me paint her face and was seriously scared of me for a good hour after I painted mine, little scaredy cat.

Olivia wasn't really into holding her bucket or my hand or really anything besides running amok in the middle of the street.  She got to pick out her candy at the first house we hit up and of course she picked a sucker.  She had sticky slobber matted in her mane, but she was so happy I just let her enjoy it.  Her costume turned out to be great because it was freezing cold and super windy out, perfect Halloween weather actually.

We met up with the cousins and rode on the tricked out gator around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  Olivia worked up an appetite and ate a whole piece of pizza when we got back to mom's house.  She grabbed the whole slice and made herself a little seat on the fireplace, gotta love this silly kid.

This year was so special and yet another holiday made exponentially more fun by having a kid!
We only have 21 days before we leave for New York for Thanksgiving, aaahhhhhhhhh!!!
Any tips on traveling with toddlers welcome :) 
I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween, now let the holiday season continue!!! 

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