Our Weekend

Our weekend was full of fun and of course was gone way too fast!  We kicked off the weekend early with supper club on Thursday night at Lindsey's house.  After the week we had last week it was so nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversation, even if they did mostly involve fictional characters such as vampires and zombies.  We did manage to get the girls together for the obligatory pic.
Love these sweet girls!

Friday night we attempted to go to the fall carnival only to get there and a huge thunderstorm came so we had to leave.  We made a run to the liquor store instead to get some ingredients for some delicious apple cider sangria for Saturday.  The rainy weather called for a family movie night complete with snacks, snuggles and scary movies (Hocus Pocus) ;)

We spent most of the day outside on Saturday grilling and working in the yard with Olivia tagging along.  I made a really yummy apple cider sangria to enjoy while we watched football. We had a couple of friends over and ate waaayyyy too much, but it was such a nice, relaxing day.

Sunday was baby Hudson's baby dedication so we went to church with my family for that.  Olivia lasted approximately 2 minutes in the main service before I had to stand up and hold her waiting for the dedications to begin.  After the ceremony we took Olivia, Ava Grace and Allie Kate to their Sunday School classes.  Olivia and Ava both cried when we handed them over, but we thought they would be ok...not so. I got a text about 10 minutes later to come get Olivia because she was crying.  I got there and she was fine, but poor little Ava was a hot mess.  We got both girls and waited for the service to end out in the hallway, oh well!
That is the first time they have ever called me to get her and I am really hoping it was because she was in a strange place and she doesn't freak out when she gets back to her regular church next weekend ;)

Sunday afternoon we went to Braelynn's birthday party and the girls and mommy had a blast in the inflatables!  The party was really pretty and fun.  We were all a sweaty mess so the rain that came at the end of the party wasn't so bad ;)

The picture below captures the one and only nap that my child took last week.  She has been sick twice in a month and a half and I started rocking her to sleep when she was sick, well that backfired on me last week.  All of a sudden she decided she needed to be held the entire time she was sleeping and if I laid her down she would scream bloody murder until I got her again.  Needless to say, last week was pretty stressful.  I decided to kick back and let her nap on me while I caught up on some DVR'd tv.  
One night of not rocking her and laying her down awake (with 5 minutes of crying) cured her from this and she is sleeping great again, I am most happy to report.
In the midst of the craziness I had to remind myself that although I wasn't getting my laundry done or floors cleaned, this little girl wanted me to hold her and not too long from now she won't want me to anymore.
They are only little once, right?

We started the week with a not-so-scary breakfast of mozzarella cheese toast and boo-berries.  Is anyone else's kid obsessed with blueberries?  I think my child would eat them for every meal if I let her.
Anyways, we had a funday Monday with Ash her her kids - I can't say "the girls" anymore ;)
They were so sweet and had lots of fun playing together!

Yep, I included Monday in my weekend cause when you are a stay at home mom, it's all the same anyways!
Looking forward to starting the Halloween festivities this weekend!  
Oh and have heard, baby it's cold outside. Happy Monday  Tuesday friends!

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