October 1

Oh happy day, October marks the start of the Holiday season and I simply couldn't be happier!
Although it has been fall in my heart for a few weeks now, it actually feels like it outside. Not to mention it is now totally acceptable to have pumpkins everywhere!  To kick off the morning we had pumpkin shaped cheese toast and boo-berries for breakfast.

It was a lovely 66 degrees outside so we headed outside to read her new favorite book "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!".  This kid is obsessed with pumpkins and books so naturally this book was a must-have.  I haven't been able to decorate as much this year because little fingers seek and destroy everything.  I decided to just use real pumpkins so at least she couldn't break them, jokes on me though cause she just eats them instead.

We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Anytime Olivia hears birds she yells "biiirrrdd" and then waves and tells them "hewow".  If you are wondering, we did all of this before 10am ;)

It's beginning to look a lot like..wait, that's not right!  Lots of decorating around here going to today though.  Olivia's reading corner got a boo-tiful makeover along with the mantle and front porch.  Just need a few mums to complete the look!

This afternoon Lindsey and Savannah are coming over to make some pumpkin crafts we saw on Pinterest.  It is always hit or miss when I try to make something I see on there so hopefully I won't fail too miserably.  Now that October is here and Hocus Pocus is on repeat non stop we can really get into the Holiday spirit!
What are you doing to make it feel like fall? 
Happy Hump Day and October 1st!

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