Last Weekend

Ok, so I know I only post about our weekends lately, but they have been so much fun I have to document!
Friday night was girls night (whoop).  And what girl's night is complete without some yummy treats?  I made a delicious caramel apple bar and I must say, I felt very pinteresty.

We just chilled at Lindsey's, ate too much food, drank a little too much wine and played Friends scene it, which is always fun!  Love these sweet ladies and the chance to get out of the house and still stay in my pajamas ;)

We are a family that loves to be outside. Chad and I used to go hiking regularly, but we haven't been in a really long time...can't imagine why.  We decided to take Olivia up to Turkey Creek and let her run around on some trails since she loves to be outside and climb everything. 

Obviously, we are Alabama fans and it is mandatory to dress your whole family in fan-gear on gameday.
Olivia loved running around in the woods. She was scared of the waterfall, which was cool with me because I didn't have to chase her around on the rocks worrying she was about to fall and die or anything.
I am a little embarrassed to admit that she doesn't own one pair of tennis shoes - shocker, right?
She did just fine in her little suede boots though.  It was so fun to get outdoors as a family and I hope we get to go a few more times before the winter decides to ruin all outside fun for a while.

Fall marks the beginning of snacking season - what, did you not know that was a real thing?
Being out on the trail inspired me to make some yummy baked chex mix. It taste so much better than the bagged stuff and makes your house smell amazing!

 I also had some left over white chocolate from the apple bar and could not let that go to waste so I dipped some pretzels, added sprinkles and Boom you have a Halloween treat!
Who's hungry?

After church on Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch.  We didn't go last year because Olivia was still little, so this was her first trip!  There is something magical about riding that hayride out to the field and picking out your own pumpkin.  Or maybe the sweat and dust in my eyes since it was over 80 degrees!
We did find a perfectly shaped pumpkin though and I really hope we have time to carve that baby before Halloween!

This week we are trying to squeeze every last drop of festiveness out of Halloween before it is over!
Happy Halloween Week!

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