Weekend Festivities

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a bridesmaids in one of my best friend's wedding.  We started the festivities Friday night with a rehearsal dinner date night.  This was also the first time anyone besides Chad or myself has put little bit to bed so I was a little nervous, but she did great with her Nana.
It was lovely to get to spend the evening with adults talking about anything but Mikey Mouse Clubhouse.

Saturday the bridesmaids had a little fun waiting on our professional pictures to begin. We were going for the Bridesmaids cover shot, nailed it! 

I am so happy that my sweet friend has found her true love and that I got to stand beside her as they got married.  I love this pretty girl so much and wish nothing but happiness for them both!

Chad brought Olivia for the reception and we ate and did a little dancing until Olivia's meter expired around 8:30.  Chad took her home and put her to bed and I stayed to celebrate a little longer with the lovely bride :)

On Sunday we went to see baby June (our God-daughter) be dedicated at church.  She was an absolute doll in her pretty dress and I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera in the car, but hopefully Abby will be kind enough to share some of her pics with me once they come in ;)  We also had a birthday party for my niece, Madeline that afternoon.  Yeah, I know, I think we broke the record with events this weekend.
The party was at my Mom's and they had a petting zoo and pony rides and Olivia loved it!

Well, maybe she didn't love riding the horse, but I guess that is acceptable ;)
She moo'd and baa'd at all of the animals and ended the party eating a whole piece of strawberry cake all by herself.  We all slept like babies last night after all of the fun we had.  
Today is Chad's birthday so I am working on a special dinner and more cake!
Happy Monday peeps!

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