Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already?  
This week has flown by.  Between a sinus infection for the babe, starting decorating for fall and making hairbows I feel like I missed a couple of days in there somewhere.  When my child is sick she turns into a little wild thing, thrashing and screaming and gnashing her terrible teeth! You would think she would enjoy having her nose wiped with a super soft, grape scented towelette, but apparently not.  Thankfully she is on the mend just in time for the weekend!

We are trying to lure fall out by making yummy snacks and lighting candles around here.  Guess who loves candy corn?? (trick question: everyone loves candy corn!!! except weirdos)  Every time we walk in the kitchen Olivia exclaims "bite, BITE" and has to have the candy corn.  I can't blame her, it's delicious.

1.  We made our first pumpkin run, of many.  Just to a little farmer's market close to our house, but O had a great time picking up all of the little pumpkins and putting them in the wrong bins.  She even threw a couple shouting, ballll!  We got a few to go around the house.  As soon as these scorching temperature chill out a little we can take this decorating party outside!

2.  We got matching "Roll Tide" piggies.  So glad she finally lets me paint her toenails.  I am pretty sure this is what I had envisioned when they told me we were having a girl.

3.  Olivia got some new boots to cover up those sweet little toes and I cannot wait for it to be cool enough for her to wear them, outside that is. She did not take them off for hours when I put them on her. I think loving shoes is in her DNA.

4.  My little helper made mini muffins for breakfast and did a fine job of licking the spoon clean when we were done.  I remember cooking with my Mom and my grandmother and those are such special memories for me.  They never minded if we made messes or got a bite of the batter. It can be difficult to let her stir and make a huge mess, because she wants to do it herself, but the smile on her face is more than worth it.  It is so much fun making these memories with my own baby!

5.  My go-to chalkboard print shop just put up all of their fall/halloween prints and I can't wait to order some!  Since I am lacking in the handwriting department I love to support artist on Etsy.  Check out her shop here.  

We have a wedding filled weekend upon us and I am so excited!  One of my best friends since high school is getting married tomorrow and I have the honor of being a brides maid.  We are headed out tonight for a fun date-night rehearsal dinner, whoop!  Happy Friday peeps and enjoy your weekend.


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