Weekend Festivities

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a bridesmaids in one of my best friend's wedding.  We started the festivities Friday night with a rehearsal dinner date night.  This was also the first time anyone besides Chad or myself has put little bit to bed so I was a little nervous, but she did great with her Nana.
It was lovely to get to spend the evening with adults talking about anything but Mikey Mouse Clubhouse.

Saturday the bridesmaids had a little fun waiting on our professional pictures to begin. We were going for the Bridesmaids cover shot, nailed it! 

I am so happy that my sweet friend has found her true love and that I got to stand beside her as they got married.  I love this pretty girl so much and wish nothing but happiness for them both!

Chad brought Olivia for the reception and we ate and did a little dancing until Olivia's meter expired around 8:30.  Chad took her home and put her to bed and I stayed to celebrate a little longer with the lovely bride :)

On Sunday we went to see baby June (our God-daughter) be dedicated at church.  She was an absolute doll in her pretty dress and I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera in the car, but hopefully Abby will be kind enough to share some of her pics with me once they come in ;)  We also had a birthday party for my niece, Madeline that afternoon.  Yeah, I know, I think we broke the record with events this weekend.
The party was at my Mom's and they had a petting zoo and pony rides and Olivia loved it!

Well, maybe she didn't love riding the horse, but I guess that is acceptable ;)
She moo'd and baa'd at all of the animals and ended the party eating a whole piece of strawberry cake all by herself.  We all slept like babies last night after all of the fun we had.  
Today is Chad's birthday so I am working on a special dinner and more cake!
Happy Monday peeps!

Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already?  
This week has flown by.  Between a sinus infection for the babe, starting decorating for fall and making hairbows I feel like I missed a couple of days in there somewhere.  When my child is sick she turns into a little wild thing, thrashing and screaming and gnashing her terrible teeth! You would think she would enjoy having her nose wiped with a super soft, grape scented towelette, but apparently not.  Thankfully she is on the mend just in time for the weekend!

We are trying to lure fall out by making yummy snacks and lighting candles around here.  Guess who loves candy corn?? (trick question: everyone loves candy corn!!! except weirdos)  Every time we walk in the kitchen Olivia exclaims "bite, BITE" and has to have the candy corn.  I can't blame her, it's delicious.

1.  We made our first pumpkin run, of many.  Just to a little farmer's market close to our house, but O had a great time picking up all of the little pumpkins and putting them in the wrong bins.  She even threw a couple shouting, ballll!  We got a few to go around the house.  As soon as these scorching temperature chill out a little we can take this decorating party outside!

2.  We got matching "Roll Tide" piggies.  So glad she finally lets me paint her toenails.  I am pretty sure this is what I had envisioned when they told me we were having a girl.

3.  Olivia got some new boots to cover up those sweet little toes and I cannot wait for it to be cool enough for her to wear them, outside that is. She did not take them off for hours when I put them on her. I think loving shoes is in her DNA.

4.  My little helper made mini muffins for breakfast and did a fine job of licking the spoon clean when we were done.  I remember cooking with my Mom and my grandmother and those are such special memories for me.  They never minded if we made messes or got a bite of the batter. It can be difficult to let her stir and make a huge mess, because she wants to do it herself, but the smile on her face is more than worth it.  It is so much fun making these memories with my own baby!

5.  My go-to chalkboard print shop just put up all of their fall/halloween prints and I can't wait to order some!  Since I am lacking in the handwriting department I love to support artist on Etsy.  Check out her shop here.  

We have a wedding filled weekend upon us and I am so excited!  One of my best friends since high school is getting married tomorrow and I have the honor of being a brides maid.  We are headed out tonight for a fun date-night rehearsal dinner, whoop!  Happy Friday peeps and enjoy your weekend.


Friday Favorites + Football

Special edition of Friday Favorites on Saturday because let's face it, this time of year Saturday is what it's all about!  We kicked off the day with a delicious breakfast complete with mimosas for the early Bama game today.  That's game day done right! Which happens to be #1 on the countdown

I love to make things fun and festive and you have to admit that it makes you want to dig right in when it is sitting there looking so pretty ;)  Olivia skipped the hashbrown casserole and sausage crescents and went straight for the berries, typical.  We had some friends over to watch the game and eat some more delicious food for lunch.  I made one of my favorite Pinterest recipes buffalo chicken sliders and they never disappoint. Football food is so awesome.  I just love this time of year!

2.  Movie nights!  My girl is getting super sweet and snuggly and will actually sit still for approximately 10 minutes to watch a movie as long as their are children or animals on the screen.  We had a special movie night with popcorn, cookies and cousins last weekend.  Just look at these little angels

 It's all good until someone gets stepped on the head...
It is never boring with these cuties around!  I can't wait to see what Hudson brings to the mix.
Disclaimer: no children were actually hurt in the taking of these pictures ;)

3.  We had lots of playdates this week.  Olivia officially has baby fever and maybe mommy.  We have got to snuggle so many tiny newborns that it makes me really miss those days. I have loved every single stage that Olivia has gone through, but I think sometimes you rush a little with your first baby. I was so excited to see her do new things like sleep through the night haha that it flew right by.  So I have decided that I am going to hold my next baby all the time, never ever to be put down at any cost ;)  This one is growing up too fast and I just can't have that happen again.  I will say the sweet hugs and kisses I get now from my sweet girl melt my heart.  If only I could figure out how to get her to let me swaddle her and rock her all day long again, time slow down.

4.  It is mocc season people!  Confession:  I am a shoe addict. And this has spread from me to my daughter.  She loves shoes almost as much as me and I cannot help but keep getting them for her.  My faves right now are these little pink moccs.  They are the perfect shade pink and have a little bit of a pearl finish and are so adorable with so many outfits!  We also have these platinum moccs that are perfect for fall.  Tiny feet need cute shoes too!

5.  Football is back baby!  Although I doubt we will make it down to see the Tide roll this year, we are pumped for some football around here.  It pretty much dominates the tv and every conversation for the next few months and that's ok by me.  We love to get together with friends and family and just enjoy this time of year.  It helps that Olivia gets to rock her new outfits.  Yet another thing made more fun with a toddler!
Saying "Roll Tide" in style!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and Roll Tide!