Life Lately

Between all of the fun fall stuff I am seeing everywhere and it pretty much feeling like a wet sock outside, we are totally over summer.  It's been real, but bring on the football and candy corn already!
These last few weeks have really ran together.  Most days it is too hot to get outside, which is my child's very favorite activity, and it is hard to think of fun things to do with her.  That is one of the main reasons I am ready for cooler weather, to get me out of the toddler-to-do-list-rut.  
One of Olivia's favorite things are books.  She loves to be read to and to even sit and flip through them on her own.  I made her a little reading corner in her room and put her favorite books there on display so she can rip them off a million times a day.  I can't wait to change them out with the holidays.  We already have Room on the Broom and Five Little Pumpkins ready to hit the shelf!

Friday night Chad had to work late so we had a Mommy-daughter date night.  We got dressed up and went to eat Mexican and then shop around a little.  Olivia insisted we stop in Books A Million and get her a new pumpkin book.  She checked out Mickey's Halloween while we were there too.  We finished the evening snuggling in her kitty sleeping bag attempting to watch a movie, which I have decided she is definitely still too little to do.  There goes my hopes of watching Hocus Pocus on repeat the whole month of October.  I know I spend all day every day with her, but it is fun to get out and do special things just the two of us.  We did miss Daddy just a tad though ;)

Since things are settling down more now that fall is almost here we decided that there was no better time to start actually attending church again.  We have been watching online for a while now since Olivia does not do well in the nursery, but we felt like she was old enough now that she can handle an hour or so being away from Mommy and Daddy.  It was so good for us!  I cannot tell you how badly I have missed being in church.  Olivia did cry when I left her, but they said she did great when I went to pick her up.  Just like everything else with a baby, consistency is key so we will be going back every weekend and she will learn to love it or at least not scream the whole time.  
Sunday evening we went to dinner with my parents and Jacob at La Paz, yep more Mexican.  We walked over and got some frozen yogurt after and had a lovely evening.  
Just swinging with her Nana and Uncle Jake

 We stopped to get gas on the way home and my car wouldn't start back up!!!
Chad talked to a really nice man who tried to jump us off and it still wouldn't work.  The gas station attendant came out and jiggled some wires on the battery and it started right up.  Apparently that is a thing with Lexus'?  Very strange, but she is running fine now.  Olivia and I sat on the bench in front of the gas station and sweated like pigs until they got it fixed.  Little lady was a trooper though. It was hot and way past her bedtime, but she just chilled in my lap.

Monday morning called for a "beary" special breakfast of nutella toast with blueberries, bananas and mini pancakes!  It looked much less mouse-like on Pinterest, but Olivia didn't seem to mind.  She did, however, mind the nutella on her little fingers.  What is wrong with this kid? Nutella for life!!!

Two weeks left until football season arrives as well as my first nephew ever!!  Simply cannot wait for some tiny baby snuggles.  Lots of fun coming our way and hopefully yours too!

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