Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday - WHOOP!  Here's to a lazy weekend at home filled with preseason football watching and Nutella, lots of Nutella!  Gearing up for the weekend I wanted to share some of our favorite things from this week.  I want to attempt to do a weekly post with the highlights from our week since things seem to run together.  I blame it on the incessant heat, is it fall yet?
Without further adieu, our Friday Favorites!

1.  Painted Piggies!  Olivia actually held still to get her toe nails did for the first time since she was a tiny baby.  She watched me paint and blow them dry carefully saying "oooohhhh" the whole time.  I am still kind of amazed she let me do it.  This is the child who normally turns into a screaming pterodactyl (ps. I had no idea that is how you spell "terradactyl"...mind blown) when I even come near her with the fingernail clippers.  My little lady is growing up!

2.  A trip to Pottery Barn Kids to play with all the goodies and get this super soft blanket that might be Olivia's Mommy's new favorite thing.  It is seriously the softest blanket ever! I let her do her own thing which of course included climbing up in every chair and almost killing herself trying to get down.  And going bonkers if I try to help her do anything, can you say, Miss Independent.  We did have fun though, until it was time to leave and she laid down in the floor and cried and made me want to crawl under the little play table and disappear. At least she looked cute ;)

3.  It is no secret we are ready for all things fall around here and when my copy of Double, Double Toil and Trouble came in the mail this week I couldn't resist watching it.  We pretended it wasn't 99 degrees outside and snuggled in to watch it before bedtime.  Olivia watched approximately 15 minutes in my lap and "woofed" every time the dog was on the screen.  We paused it to give her a bath and get her in the bed and then finished the rest.  It was just as amazing awful as I remember it being.  I have a feeling it will remain on repeat along with Hocus Pocus all October.

4.  Brownies for the baby!  Olivia helped me make brownies and reaped the rewards of licking the spoon and bowl clean, making momma proud.  She and her baby were such a mess, but totally worth it to see the look on her face.  I spy a Holiday baking buddy in the making!

ps, her little curls are getting so long and pretty!

5.  It is also totally noteworthy that Olivia is becoming a total boss at using her fork and feeding herself.  She still shovels things in with her fingers that she just can't seem to get stabbed, but it is super cute watching her work so diligently at something.

6.  Today we had the privilege of meeting Miss Mirabelle Colette Brasher.  She is just one day new and oh so sweet and beautiful.  I cannot wait for some awesome playdates with this little lady and her mommy soon!  I think Olivia might have baby fever, what do you think?  ;)

Only a couple of hours until the hubby gets home and our weekend officially begins.  I think we will celebrate with a delicious dinner and maybe even a glass of wine when the babe goes to bed.
Happy weekend and bottoms up!

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