Hello Hudson

Yesterday my family got a precious little gift.  My sister had her third baby and first boy.  With two big sisters and girl cousins on both sides this little dude is in for it.
He was born at 1:25pm and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and he is 20.5 inches long.
He has the sweetest little cheeks and of course looks a lot like his Daddy, but I see a little bit of Mommy in there too.

My sis is a rockstar and did amazing through the whole thing, even though it didn't exactly go as planned.  She looked so beautiful.  She has the new Mommy glow even the third time around.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on that sweet little thing!  

Look at that sweet family of four, wait what???  He would make a perfect little addition to our family though.  Some body might just have a little baby fever after seeing this sweet guy ;)

Ash doesn't have bald babies..he already has a ton of dark hair. Look at that little part!

Big sister was very proud and kept exclaiming that she got to "touch" the baby!  She wanted to hold him and love him, so sweet. 

Ava was running around the room like a wild woman so I didn't get any pics of her with baby brother, but look who decided they were best friends that morning waiting on baby to be born.  I could die from the sweetness!

Welcome to the world sweet boy, you have lots of women ready to love and snuggle you.  He put his grumpy face on obviously tired of being photographed ;)

We are all so thankful for a healthy little boy and Ashley is doing wonderful.  I am so proud of her.  She is such a wonderful mommy and having a little boy is going to be a whole new experience.  Thanks Sis for making me a proud Aunt of three beautiful little kiddos :)

Friday Favorites

What a week!
We have had such a fun/busy week so let's get right to it!

1.  Family fun time at the pool!  Last weekend we had a lazy weekend with no real plans other than hanging out together. Since it was super hot out we decided to go chill at Nana's pool.  Olivia had fun running around and eating her popsicles.  She also insisted that we wear our matching bathing suits ;)

2. Chad and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary!  We went to dinner, all by ourselves, gasp!  It was so nice to be able to eat a hot meal without having to worry about someone chucking rolls across the room.  I am so blessed to call this man my husband.  He is so wonderful to Olivia and me and I just love doing life with him by my side.

3.  I found the most awesome sweat/lounge pants at Target today.  With fall coming I have been in hot pursuit of some comfy and cute pants that I can wear around the house and also make a grocery run in if need be.  I have had my eye on these babies for a while, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on the price.  When I saw the ones at Target it took everything I had not to buy every color and if we are being honest, you know I will probably go back and get every single one...

4.  Snuggles and cake in the bed.  Can you say, coolest mom ever...or maybe worst, but we had fun.  Mornings are my favorite time with this sweet little girl.  She is always on the go so I take the lovin when I can get it!

5.  Long hair, don't care.  Baby girl's hair is growing like crazy lately and I am slightly obsessed.  I love her sweet little curls, but also when I wash it at night and get to see how long it would be if it was straight.

6. The biggest news of the week is of course my precious nephew Hudson Cade made his entrance in the world yesterday at 1:25pm.  I could just eat up those little buttery soft cheeks!  Our family was definitely in need of a boy so I am sure he will be spoiled rotten or dressed up like a doll by his sisters and cousin.  
And how gorgeous is my sister?  Love her and her sweet not so little family.

College football officially began last night so all is right in the world again.  Celebrating the last weekend of summer in my book and then expect a pumpkin explosion at the Pearson residence.  Days filled with warm beverages and newborn snuggles!
Happy weekend and ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday - WHOOP!  Here's to a lazy weekend at home filled with preseason football watching and Nutella, lots of Nutella!  Gearing up for the weekend I wanted to share some of our favorite things from this week.  I want to attempt to do a weekly post with the highlights from our week since things seem to run together.  I blame it on the incessant heat, is it fall yet?
Without further adieu, our Friday Favorites!

1.  Painted Piggies!  Olivia actually held still to get her toe nails did for the first time since she was a tiny baby.  She watched me paint and blow them dry carefully saying "oooohhhh" the whole time.  I am still kind of amazed she let me do it.  This is the child who normally turns into a screaming pterodactyl (ps. I had no idea that is how you spell "terradactyl"...mind blown) when I even come near her with the fingernail clippers.  My little lady is growing up!

2.  A trip to Pottery Barn Kids to play with all the goodies and get this super soft blanket that might be Olivia's Mommy's new favorite thing.  It is seriously the softest blanket ever! I let her do her own thing which of course included climbing up in every chair and almost killing herself trying to get down.  And going bonkers if I try to help her do anything, can you say, Miss Independent.  We did have fun though, until it was time to leave and she laid down in the floor and cried and made me want to crawl under the little play table and disappear. At least she looked cute ;)

3.  It is no secret we are ready for all things fall around here and when my copy of Double, Double Toil and Trouble came in the mail this week I couldn't resist watching it.  We pretended it wasn't 99 degrees outside and snuggled in to watch it before bedtime.  Olivia watched approximately 15 minutes in my lap and "woofed" every time the dog was on the screen.  We paused it to give her a bath and get her in the bed and then finished the rest.  It was just as amazing awful as I remember it being.  I have a feeling it will remain on repeat along with Hocus Pocus all October.

4.  Brownies for the baby!  Olivia helped me make brownies and reaped the rewards of licking the spoon and bowl clean, making momma proud.  She and her baby were such a mess, but totally worth it to see the look on her face.  I spy a Holiday baking buddy in the making!

ps, her little curls are getting so long and pretty!

5.  It is also totally noteworthy that Olivia is becoming a total boss at using her fork and feeding herself.  She still shovels things in with her fingers that she just can't seem to get stabbed, but it is super cute watching her work so diligently at something.

6.  Today we had the privilege of meeting Miss Mirabelle Colette Brasher.  She is just one day new and oh so sweet and beautiful.  I cannot wait for some awesome playdates with this little lady and her mommy soon!  I think Olivia might have baby fever, what do you think?  ;)

Only a couple of hours until the hubby gets home and our weekend officially begins.  I think we will celebrate with a delicious dinner and maybe even a glass of wine when the babe goes to bed.
Happy weekend and bottoms up!

Life Lately

Between all of the fun fall stuff I am seeing everywhere and it pretty much feeling like a wet sock outside, we are totally over summer.  It's been real, but bring on the football and candy corn already!
These last few weeks have really ran together.  Most days it is too hot to get outside, which is my child's very favorite activity, and it is hard to think of fun things to do with her.  That is one of the main reasons I am ready for cooler weather, to get me out of the toddler-to-do-list-rut.  
One of Olivia's favorite things are books.  She loves to be read to and to even sit and flip through them on her own.  I made her a little reading corner in her room and put her favorite books there on display so she can rip them off a million times a day.  I can't wait to change them out with the holidays.  We already have Room on the Broom and Five Little Pumpkins ready to hit the shelf!

Friday night Chad had to work late so we had a Mommy-daughter date night.  We got dressed up and went to eat Mexican and then shop around a little.  Olivia insisted we stop in Books A Million and get her a new pumpkin book.  She checked out Mickey's Halloween while we were there too.  We finished the evening snuggling in her kitty sleeping bag attempting to watch a movie, which I have decided she is definitely still too little to do.  There goes my hopes of watching Hocus Pocus on repeat the whole month of October.  I know I spend all day every day with her, but it is fun to get out and do special things just the two of us.  We did miss Daddy just a tad though ;)

Since things are settling down more now that fall is almost here we decided that there was no better time to start actually attending church again.  We have been watching online for a while now since Olivia does not do well in the nursery, but we felt like she was old enough now that she can handle an hour or so being away from Mommy and Daddy.  It was so good for us!  I cannot tell you how badly I have missed being in church.  Olivia did cry when I left her, but they said she did great when I went to pick her up.  Just like everything else with a baby, consistency is key so we will be going back every weekend and she will learn to love it or at least not scream the whole time.  
Sunday evening we went to dinner with my parents and Jacob at La Paz, yep more Mexican.  We walked over and got some frozen yogurt after and had a lovely evening.  
Just swinging with her Nana and Uncle Jake

 We stopped to get gas on the way home and my car wouldn't start back up!!!
Chad talked to a really nice man who tried to jump us off and it still wouldn't work.  The gas station attendant came out and jiggled some wires on the battery and it started right up.  Apparently that is a thing with Lexus'?  Very strange, but she is running fine now.  Olivia and I sat on the bench in front of the gas station and sweated like pigs until they got it fixed.  Little lady was a trooper though. It was hot and way past her bedtime, but she just chilled in my lap.

Monday morning called for a "beary" special breakfast of nutella toast with blueberries, bananas and mini pancakes!  It looked much less mouse-like on Pinterest, but Olivia didn't seem to mind.  She did, however, mind the nutella on her little fingers.  What is wrong with this kid? Nutella for life!!!

Two weeks left until football season arrives as well as my first nephew ever!!  Simply cannot wait for some tiny baby snuggles.  Lots of fun coming our way and hopefully yours too!

Bye Bye Breastfeeding

We did it!
My little nursling and I made it to the one year mark, and some change (13 months, 1 week and 2 days to be exact).  We made it through the beginning with cracked nipples and cluster feeding.  We made it through cutting 14 teeth without a single bite (Oh yes, 14 razor sharp little teeth that close to one of the most sensitive parts of your body, just let that sink in for a minute...).  We made it through the pinching stage and the distraction stage.  We even made it through all of this without a single bottle.  I have a very picky little princess that refused bottles completely so it was all mommy - all the time.  In the end, I wouldn't change a thing or trade one moment of our time together.  I love how close we are and I know that we have a special bond because of nursing.  I have always known that our time was limited and I tried to burn every sweet moment in my memory.  I never want to forget the way she rests her dimpled, little hand on my chest and pats me as she drifts off to sleep or the way she looks so peaceful and content as I hold her so close to my heart.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time for just a little while as I am rocking her, because I know life just doesn't get much sweeter than that right there.

We are down to only 2 or 3 feedings a day now and I know it is more comfort nursing rather than for actual nutrition. I feel like it is time for us to end this special journey.  It breaks my heart, but I know we will both be just fine and it is a natural part of her growing up and gaining her independence.  I want to document this experience so I can go back and look with baby #2 one day and know that we will both survive...even if I do have a big lump in my throat right now.  

Day 1-
So far, Olivia doesn't know the difference, which is a very good thing, but seems to almost make me more sad.  I know, I am a total crazy person.  I pumped this morning, because she will not drink whole milk right now so I wanted to try mixing some of my milk in with it and see if she would take it, fail.  She won't even drink my milk out of a sippy by itself.  Not sure what else to do besides just keep offering it to her and hopefully she will take it. She woke up around 4:30 in the morning as she sometimes does and I had to let her soothe herself back to sleep.  I normally go in and nurse her and those are some of the sweetest snuggles so I definitely missed it during those 10 minutes of fussing, but she went back to sleep on her own.

Day 2-
Aaaahhhh day 2, I don't have very much nice to say about today so I will keep it short.  This morning I was pretty nervous about how she would do.  I usually get her and bring her to my bed when she wakes up and we nurse and snuggle for a while before we get up for the day.  I didn't even bring her in my room this morning, because I didn't want her to want to nurse.  I fixed her some milk in a sippy and we sat on the couch and cuddled and watched cartoons and she actually drank a little bit, score!  That is about where the niceness of today ends...she woke up from her nap after only an hour and was pretty much inconsolable for 2 hours until Chad got home.  I spent the afternoon holding her walking around the house singing to keep her from screaming as tears rolled down both of our faces.  She is having a hard time with her teeth right now and I know that, but I cannot help but think it has something to do with stopping nursing, even if she hasn't shown any signs of asking to nurse.  I pretty much feel like crap today emotionally and if you are wondering my boobs feel like they are loaded with rocks, yikes! I am trying not to pump unless I absolutely have to so I am off to a hot shower and maybe some benadryl.  High hopes for a better day tomorrow.

Day 3-
Today was great.  Well, as great as a day can be with two leaky, achy time bombs that threaten to explode at any moment attached to your chest ;)  Olivia slept through the night and was super sweet all day long.  She has been super loving, wanting to be held and rocked a lot and that is just what this emotional mama needs right now.  I have only cried once today and it was a happy cry when Olivia actually let me rock her before her nap and then passed out in my arms after only 20 seconds.  That is the first time she has done that in forever and it was such a sweet feeling getting to hold her while she slept for a moment.  I taught Step and Pump tonight with my ginormous boobies and amazingly made it through without my whole shirt being soaked.  I hand expressed some milk in the shower, but so far I have managed to get by without pumping.  I did think seriously about making a trip to the grocery store in the middle of the night last night for some cabbage leaves though.  So far, so good, still holding strong and it makes it so much easier when my baby is feeling better. Bring it on day 4!

Days 4-10
The days really started running together!  Olivia has done amazing with this transition, which has made the whole thing easier for me as well.  She hasn't tried to nurse once and seems completely content.  She still won't drink whole milk no matter how I serve it to her so I am going to try coconut milk today and see how that goes.  My milk is still not gone yet, feels like it is taking forever!  I have had this irrational fear that my milk was going to just dry up from day one and I can truly see how silly that was now.  I am so very thankful that I was able to produce more than enough milk for my sweet girl for the first year of her life.  It was so important to me to make it to this milestone.

It feels weird to be done with breastfeeding.  I still tear up when I look at my baby girl and know that we will never do that again.  It is more than just stopping a feeding.  I feel like a am breaking a bond that runs so deep.  Of course, we are still close and always will be, but it is a very emotional process (and the raging hormones don't really help).  She has been super snugly and sweet lately though and I am loving every second of it.  She is actually letting me hold her and rock her a little before bed and I cherish every moment, because I know this too, will change soon.  That's the deal with babies, just when you get comfortable with something, they change it up on you.  Overall, this experience was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and I am so happy Olivia has done so well with it.
And just like that, she is a big girl :)

I do have to take a moment and brag on my husband.  He has been nothing but supportive of my goal to breastfeed since day one.  From feeding me bites of grilled cheese in the early days when it took both of my hands and sometimes a knee to nurse to encouraging me to keep going even after we hit the one year mark he has wanted nothing but the best for me and our sweet girl.  He is such an amazing father and husband and I probably don't tell him enough so babe, if you're reading this, we appreciate you and love you dearly :)  God has blessed me with so much!  Love my little family more than words can describe.

One more picture cause this little lady is just too cute not to share...cuttin' a rug ;)