13 Months Old

I know I am a little late on this one, but we have had a lot going on lately, including an ever changing little girl.  I feel like she has already changed so much since her birthday.  It seems like every day she is learning more and more and of course, doing more adorable things!  So let's get right to it!
You pretty much do not cooperate for any pictures right now so here are some of my favorite ones I have snapped on my cell phone lately :)

We had a late trip to the doctor for your one year visit because of your eye surgery.  You are 20 pounds, 4 ounces and 31 inches tall.  Still in the 90th percentile for height and 25th for weight.  You are growing like a weed!  Your little tootsies even had a growth spurt.  I went to put on some of your cutest (and most expensive) shoes that you had worn one week and the next I could not even fit your foot in them!  Maybe you will stay tall and be my little ballerina ;)

Baby might be your favorite word and your favorite toy. You love your baby dolls and love to give them kisses and hugs.  You also love to play with balls and bounce them with me and Daddy.  Your very favorite thing to do right now is just explore outside.  I can ask you if you want to go outside and you reach for my hand and drag me to get your shoes and head out the door.  You just like to walk around and get into everything.  Your poor little knees have boo-boos all the time from you trying to run and tripping.  I will be glad when we are past this stage.  Typically by 10 am we have already been outside at least 5 times.

Sleep has been great lately.  You wake up between 8 and 9 and take one nap around 1-2 for a couple of hours most days, then bed time around 8:30.  You sleep all the way through the night most nights!  We had a few rough nights after your surgery, but all is back to normal now.

My favorite thing you do is give me kisses.  Every time I ask you always oblige me and I am so thankful for those sweet, wet kisses!

I am a little nervous for when you are a teenager...you have a temper like I have never seen on a baby.  You are soooooo sweet 99 percent of the time, until you don't get your way.  You know, like I have to change your diaper or I won't let you run out in the middle of the road or something really mean of me like that.  There is screaming and hitting, flailing and I pretty much don't know what to do.  It is usually better if I just ignore you.  Let's just stop this nonsense now, cause you are just too sweet for all of that, okay?? Great!

Word count so far: mama, Daddy (yep, it's daddy now and its long and drawn out and so sugary sweet I think you might just melt your Daddy into a puddle every time you say it, which is a lot), ball, bubble, baby, bite, dink (for drink), uh-oh, bye-bye, hey, boo! (we play peek-a-boo about a thousand times a day and you love it), dog (you also woof-woof every time you see or hear a dog), when you are in the mood you will "moo" for cow and say "baaa" for lamb.  I am sure I am probably forgetting something, but it seems like you are trying to say more and more every day.  You understand a whole lot more than you say though, pretty much everything I say to you, it is kinda crazy.  

Where is your belly??  You love to show off your sweet little belly anytime I ask.  I hope you drop this little trick before you get too old, but for now it is pretty cute ;)  You know where your toes are too!  You can also point to my eyes, nose and mouth, but we don't have your own down pat yet.

Miss independent!  Or at least you think you are.  You want to do everything by yourself, from feeding yourself to climbing the stairs by yourself to turning the pages of the books we read.  You will not let me feed you one bite of food so I have to get creative with dinner that you can feed yourself.  You also want to go where you want to go and are pretty determined about it. You understand "no" and will even say it back to me, but you keep right on doing what you are not supposed to.

Sometimes I think my baby has turned into the tasmanian devil while I wasn't looking.  You can make more messes in 5 minutes than I can clean up in 5 hours!  You ate some dishwasher detergent the other day and it scared me to death. You didn't get very much, but even a little can't be good for you.  You then started throwing up so at least you got it out of your system, and made another mess ;)

I am impressed with your motor skills already.  You can throw and even catch a ball pretty well.  Daddy is already excited to take you in the back yard for a game of catch!

Most of the time you like to be on your own, but you still love to hold my hand when we walk and you bring me books to read and cuddle up in my lap.  I cherish the snuggles that I get now since you are too busy most of the time for all of that.

I will admit you are at a very trying stage right now, but it is also so much fun. You are so smart and beautiful and I just love being your mommy so much.  I love all of the time we get to spend together and watching you learn and figure things out on your own.   I am sorry if I lose my temper sometimes and I will always try my best to be the best mommy to you that I can be.  Thanks for being my little bestie and loving me no matter what.  I love you so much my precious baby girl!!!

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