Dirty Thirty

Well, I am officially old.
Last Friday I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. I really could care less about my age. I don't feel old and you should all tell me I don't look old, haha.  It is wild to think that I have been around for 30 years though.  That is a really long time!  Anywhoo, we started the day off with doughnuts from my sis and her girls.  It just so happens that national doughnut day fell on my birthday, how cool is that?  We gobbled up our treats and then outside for some bubble fun. Have I mentioned these girls love bubbles ;)

We met Lindsey and ate lunch at chick-fil-a, keeping it healthy ya know.  Olivia loved the play place, although she doesn't look too impressed in this picture..

Lindsey came back to my house and we hung out while Olivia napped.  It stormed all afternoon and Chad and I were supposed to have dinner plans.  I almost called it off, but I am so glad I didn't!
My sweet hubby planned a surprise party for me!
I really was shocked.  It was at Carrigan's downtown and it was such a cool place.  All of my sweet friends came (even Lindsey who had just fibbed to be about going to the lake a couple of hours earlier).  I was so thankful for all of my friends for coming and my precious hubby who planned the whole thing, with help from my sis.  I felt so special and loved!

Love my little family

The girls :)

Sitting at the big kids table
Side note- how Chad managed to get the bumbo there without me noticing is beyond me!

I fussed at Chad for not getting me baby bites when he got home from work.  He always gets them for me on my birthday...I felt a little silly after we showed up to the party and I had a big strawberry cake waiting for me.  This man must love me :)

My mom missed the party - she was on her way home from a cruise-  so we spent the morning at the spa together on Saturday.  It was some much needed papering time and I really enjoyed my time with just me and my mom.  I see her all the time, but it is rare that it is just us so this was really special.
I know we look rough and the lighting was horrible, but I love this lady!

Needless to say I had an amazing birthday.  It was definitely one to remember.  I have to say how blessed I am to be married to the sweetest, most thoughtful, handsome man in the whole world.  He is so good to me and Olivia and I am so thankful for him.  I love him more every single day!

30 ain't so bad ;)

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