Happy Birthday Little Princess

This past Sunday we had a small party with family to celebrate my sweet girl turning ONE!  We are headed to the beach for her actual birthday, but I wanted to have a little something at our house before we left.
Chad grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken and I made mac and cheese, baked beans and some other fixin's.  Add in some baby bites and a jumbo cupcake for the little lady and bam, you have a party!

All of the girls loved the sand and water table Nana got Olivia.
Haley was a good sport and let Allie brush the "bugs" out of her hair...

My child is obsessed with drinking out of straws and she loves when she gets something besides water.  She was running around begging for sips from everyone of their strawberry lemonade.

Of course it isn't a party until somebody gets pushed around a little :)

I didn't really have a theme, just pink and girly.  I found her dress at a local boutique I just happened to go in and I fell in love with it instantly.  It just reminded me of a little princess.  I whipped her up a sparkly bow and crown to match.  

After dinner it was time for cake.  I was a little nervous because she hated the cake at her smash cake photo session. She seriously freaked out and started gagging and coughing like she couldn't breathe.  I thought she might be having an allergic reaction, but I know she has had cake before and loved it so I am not sure what her little deal was.  She did better this time, although she still was not a big fan.  She just played in the icing a little, which made Allie Kate very happy since she had been eying that cupcake since she walked in the door.
All the singing was a little overwhelming, but she loved the candle.  I blew it out just before she could grab it!

Say cheese!!!!

It didn't hurt my feelings that she didn't make a huge mess since she screams like a wild banshie when I try to wipe her hands and mouth these days.  After she was all clean and back in her princess dress we opened presents.  She was much more interested in standing on the boxes than opening them to see what was inside.

 My little mountain goat!
Oh by the way, she climbed our entire stair case last night by herself - Daddy was right beside her.  She wants to climb on everything now.  We are in trouble!

It was such a special day celebrating our baby girl turning One year old.  This year has flown by, but it has been so great.  I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful, sweet little girl she is growing in to.
Love my sweet little family!

Happy Birthday my little Princess!

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