Beach Trip

Every June we take a big family beach trip to my parents house in Destin, Florida.  I was 38 weeks pregnant with little miss last year so we had to sit it out.  We were excited to make up for lost time this year!  We decided to leave on Thursday evening after Chad got off work in hopes that Olivia would sleep most of the way down.  We stopped half way for dinner and a little running around the restaurant like crazy.  After we got back on the road she fell asleep and slept so good all the way to the beach....then we got there.

We were almost to the house and I looked in the backseat expecting to see a peaceful sleeping baby and I got a big toothy grin instead.  I knew we were in trouble.  She must have been excited because it was almost her birthday!  When we got to the house Mom and Jacob helped us unload and we all sang Happy Birthday to Olivia about 100 times.  She was pumped.  The pack and play was all set up and we were mostly settled in by around 1:30.  Olivia took one look at her place of rest and decided that she wanted no part in that.  For fear that her screams would wake up the whole house the birthday girl got to climb in bed with us for the night.  I guess it was only appropriate that she have her feet in my ribs again the night before her birthday.
After a night of driving and no rest we were all pretty tired the next day, but so excited to celebrate baby girl's 1st Birthday again
 We were so excited to take her out to the beach for the first time we had to take a quick walk before her party.  You never know how kids will react.  Some hate the sand and cry and some love it too much and try to shovel it in their mouth my the fist full.  With Olivia's history of eating everything in sight I was fearing the latter.  She absolutely loved it and didn't try to eat it, pretty much the perfect child ;) 

Balloons, presents, cake (that she still hates) and you have a party!

It was so special getting to spend the whole day surrounded by people I love and who love my little girl.  I still cannot believe she is already one year old.  Love this girl to the moon and back!

Beach time!
Most everyday was spent on the beach.  Chad and Heath got the privilege of dragging the toys and umbrellas out everyday and that is no easy task.  The beach is such a different place when you have kids.  Especially one who just learned to walk and is into everything.  She dug in the sand a little, but most of her time was spent roaming the beach looking for people to talk to and snacks, of course.  There wasn't a whole lot of laying out going on, but I really kind of hate laying out anyways so it was perfect.  These little cuties had a blast together.

Cutest kids on the beach!

I searched high and low for all of her cute bathing suits for the summer.  I have a serious addiction to dressing my child and who can blame me when she looks this cute, right??  One day she will have a little sister or brother to coordinate with, but for now she gets to match Mommy sometimes ;)

The beach is so much fun, Olivia didn't have time to go in for a nap.  Chad and I would take her on a walk when she would get tired and she would pass out.  She slept on Daddy everyday, don't think he minded too much.

Mommy even got to join the fun at the water park.  Kid was almost passed out in the wave pool!

It is also tradition to visit Big Kahunas water park.  Olivia had a blast.  She wasn't a fan of the slides yet, but she loved running around splashing up a storm.

The boys went deep sea fishing one day so the girls took a day trip over to Panama City and Seaside.  It was so hot outside we didn't last too long.  Olivia had a great time walking around in Seaside and being super cute.  We got some delicious ice cream that pretty much melted before we could even eat it.  We will have to go back when it is not quite so hot out.

Father's Day also fell during our vacation.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate this precious man!  He is such an amazing Daddy to our little girl and we are so blessed to have him!

The beach wouldn't be complete without some cheesy family photos in your white and khaki. All 23 of us got all decked out and took pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Nana and her doll babies

My sweet family (never mind the hair in my face)

It was such a special time getting away and spending time together.  It is nice to get a little recharge when life can be so busy and hectic.  It really feels like summer is here now!  
Let the fun continue!

Happy Birthday Little Princess

This past Sunday we had a small party with family to celebrate my sweet girl turning ONE!  We are headed to the beach for her actual birthday, but I wanted to have a little something at our house before we left.
Chad grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken and I made mac and cheese, baked beans and some other fixin's.  Add in some baby bites and a jumbo cupcake for the little lady and bam, you have a party!

All of the girls loved the sand and water table Nana got Olivia.
Haley was a good sport and let Allie brush the "bugs" out of her hair...

My child is obsessed with drinking out of straws and she loves when she gets something besides water.  She was running around begging for sips from everyone of their strawberry lemonade.

Of course it isn't a party until somebody gets pushed around a little :)

I didn't really have a theme, just pink and girly.  I found her dress at a local boutique I just happened to go in and I fell in love with it instantly.  It just reminded me of a little princess.  I whipped her up a sparkly bow and crown to match.  

After dinner it was time for cake.  I was a little nervous because she hated the cake at her smash cake photo session. She seriously freaked out and started gagging and coughing like she couldn't breathe.  I thought she might be having an allergic reaction, but I know she has had cake before and loved it so I am not sure what her little deal was.  She did better this time, although she still was not a big fan.  She just played in the icing a little, which made Allie Kate very happy since she had been eying that cupcake since she walked in the door.
All the singing was a little overwhelming, but she loved the candle.  I blew it out just before she could grab it!

Say cheese!!!!

It didn't hurt my feelings that she didn't make a huge mess since she screams like a wild banshie when I try to wipe her hands and mouth these days.  After she was all clean and back in her princess dress we opened presents.  She was much more interested in standing on the boxes than opening them to see what was inside.

 My little mountain goat!
Oh by the way, she climbed our entire stair case last night by herself - Daddy was right beside her.  She wants to climb on everything now.  We are in trouble!

It was such a special day celebrating our baby girl turning One year old.  This year has flown by, but it has been so great.  I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful, sweet little girl she is growing in to.
Love my sweet little family!

Happy Birthday my little Princess!

Dirty Thirty

Well, I am officially old.
Last Friday I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. I really could care less about my age. I don't feel old and you should all tell me I don't look old, haha.  It is wild to think that I have been around for 30 years though.  That is a really long time!  Anywhoo, we started the day off with doughnuts from my sis and her girls.  It just so happens that national doughnut day fell on my birthday, how cool is that?  We gobbled up our treats and then outside for some bubble fun. Have I mentioned these girls love bubbles ;)

We met Lindsey and ate lunch at chick-fil-a, keeping it healthy ya know.  Olivia loved the play place, although she doesn't look too impressed in this picture..

Lindsey came back to my house and we hung out while Olivia napped.  It stormed all afternoon and Chad and I were supposed to have dinner plans.  I almost called it off, but I am so glad I didn't!
My sweet hubby planned a surprise party for me!
I really was shocked.  It was at Carrigan's downtown and it was such a cool place.  All of my sweet friends came (even Lindsey who had just fibbed to be about going to the lake a couple of hours earlier).  I was so thankful for all of my friends for coming and my precious hubby who planned the whole thing, with help from my sis.  I felt so special and loved!

Love my little family

The girls :)

Sitting at the big kids table
Side note- how Chad managed to get the bumbo there without me noticing is beyond me!

I fussed at Chad for not getting me baby bites when he got home from work.  He always gets them for me on my birthday...I felt a little silly after we showed up to the party and I had a big strawberry cake waiting for me.  This man must love me :)

My mom missed the party - she was on her way home from a cruise-  so we spent the morning at the spa together on Saturday.  It was some much needed papering time and I really enjoyed my time with just me and my mom.  I see her all the time, but it is rare that it is just us so this was really special.
I know we look rough and the lighting was horrible, but I love this lady!

Needless to say I had an amazing birthday.  It was definitely one to remember.  I have to say how blessed I am to be married to the sweetest, most thoughtful, handsome man in the whole world.  He is so good to me and Olivia and I am so thankful for him.  I love him more every single day!

30 ain't so bad ;)

Hello Summer

Summer is here and we are loving it!  We have been having lots of fun already.  We get to see my sis and her girls almost every day and Olivia just can't get enough of them.  A few months ago Ava was all about Olivia wanting to love on her and Olivia could have cared less. Now, it is reverse, Olivia wants to hold Ava's hand and love on her all the time and now that she can walk Ava can't get away so easy.  Those girls are so sweet together!  We have made the most of this beautiful weather lately with lots of outings outside! 
We got to swim in Nana's pool for the first time a couple of weekends ago.  Olivia is obsessed with the water.  I can't wait for the beach later this week!

She really loved floating around with Daddy.

I can't leave out these precious girls!

I know I am so blessed to have a sister that I am super close to, but these babies are just icing on the cake!  I love them so much and I am so glad Olivia has them to grow up with.
..even when things get a little crazy...

We also took a trip to the aquatic club with some of our besties.  They had a little splash pad and all the kids had a great time.  We ran back and forth from the pool to the splash pad a thousand times.  Little lady was worn out after and took a 3 hour nap!

Abby and sweet baby June met us at the zoo last week and it was a special trip because it was June's first time to go to the zoo!  She pretty much slept the whole time, must have been worn out from all of the excitement ;)  Olivia had a great time.  She is getting big enough to actually recognize the animals and as usual she loved the train.

The animals were very friendly at the petting zoo, but Olivia was a little unsure what to think.  She wanted to look and get close, but she freaked out when I tried to make her touch them...of course I made her anyways haha.

She really likes the flamingos (or maybe that she gets to get out of the stroller to see them).

I bought Olivia a bubble machine for her birthday and we were bored one day and got it out early.  Seriously, the best 7 bucks I have ever spent.  We blow bubbles at least once a day now.  She runs around the table on the screened porch and says buh-buh-buh-buh and gets so excited!  

Summer always passes so quickly we are trying to squeeze every drop of fun we can out of it this year.  We have a family beach trip coming up the end of this week and we are all pretty excited.  Especially Olivia, she told me so this morning.  Here's to the best summer yet :)