Weekend Fun

With our busy schedule sometimes it is nice to just sit back and smell the roses (literally - more on that in a bit)  It seems like since I have stopped working I have so much more to do and I wonder how I got everything done before..then I remember I didn't have this wonderful little ball of energy ;)  I have been wanting to start some projects around the house and in the yard for a while now and we finally got to it this weekend.  We have a pretty steep hill in our back yard and we had a mason come out and look at building us some steps to get down to the flat area.  I am super excited for this project, more ideas coming soon!
This weekend was all about relaxing and spending some time together as a family since our last couple of weekends have been really hectic with Easter and family events. Chad ended up having to work late on Friday night so Olivia and I went and ate with the girls. 

 She loved getting attention and showing off her new almost walking skills in the parking lot after dinner.  It was so nice to catch up with the girls.  I must say though, it can be a little challenging engaging in conversation when you have puffs being hurled at your head and an angry little voice muttering mamama when she runs out of chips, haha.

Saturday was a beautiful day!  I cleaned out and organized Olivia's closet, a task that I need Chad home in order to accomplish without somebody tearing everything apart I just folded.  After lunch we took a little trip to the park.  Ever since she was born Olivia has loved to swing.  You cannot help but smile when you see her sweet little face light up as soon as she gets in the swing.  She giggles and smiles and kicks her little legs with joy the whole time she is swinging.  It is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Look at those sweet little teefies!!

She is soooo close to walking.  She walked all over the park holding my one finger.  I just cannot believe how big she is getting.  She will let go and take a few steps on her own and then drops down to crawl because she can get there faster and these days she is all about some speed.

How else are you supposed to get rocks in your mouth before mommy catches you??
side note: she was fast enough and I had to dig about 5 rocks out of her mouth over the course of 30 minutes

It was so nice to spend some time with my sweet little family with no rush or plans to be anywhere else.  We were feeling lazy so we had pizza for dinner and took a walk around the neighborhood to finish out the lovely day. 

Apparently I thought the parking lot in the back ground was a nice spot for a photo opp...mommy fail

We had big plans for Sunday.  We were going to go to church, take a trip to Lowe's and spend the afternoon planting new flowers in the yard.  All of those plans got scrapped when Chad got called into work Sunday morning.  Luckily he could do everything from home, but he spent almost the whole day up in the office dealing with Microsoft.  I was pretty bummed he could not hang out with us, but Olivia and I had some fun of our own.  I blew up her little pool and set it up on the back deck and we had some splish-splashin fun!

She thought it was hilarious to climb in and out getting water everywhere.  I filled the pool with warm water even though it was 86 degrees yesterday.  She loves bath time so I knew she would love playing in her pool.  I can't wait to go to Nana's big pool soon!

Why yes, that is homemade breast milk popsicle ;)  She went through a phase where she started waking up again at night for about a week and then stopped so that left me having to pump again until my body regulated the supply back down.  I had a bunch of milk that she won't take from a bottle so popsicles it is!

Holding a popsicle like a big girl is hard work!

Chad finally got done with his work emergency around 5 and he got to join in the fun for the rest of the day.  We took another walk after dinner since he didn't get to go outside all day.  All in all it was not the weekend we had hoped for, but we made the best of it and ended up having a pretty great time. 
Ready for some lazy summer weekends just around the corner!
Happy Monday :)

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