Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
Today has been a very special day celebrating my very first Mother's Day as a mama.  I am overwhelmed with love from my friends and family and my beautiful little girl.  I am so honored that God blessed me to be the wife of an amazing husband and a sweet little angel baby. 

Olivia wanted to be sure she was the first to tell me Happy Mother's Day with a 4:30 am wake up call.  She hasn't been up in the night in forever so I know she did this just for me, such a little sweetheart.  I brought her back to bed with us until she fell asleep and then took her back to her bed.  She slept until around 7:30, her norm, and Chad got up with her and let me sleep in as he does every weekend.  This man is pure gold I tell ya!  When I got up we had breakfast together and I got to open my presents.  Chad and Olivia got me a beautiful jewelry armoire and some goodies to go in it.  They also got me a ton of candy that will definitely not help out my bikini body.  We had lunch reservations at my favorite restaurant, Brio.  The sun peeked out and it actually turned out to be a beautiful day after a pretty rainy past few days.  We ate a ton and finished off a delicious meal with a chocolate lava cake!  Olivia clapped the whole time I fed it to her saying "mmmm".  It was that good. 

  Just a little game of peek-a-boo with the plates while waiting on our food. 

After lunch we walked around by the fountain and Olivia loved the water.  She wanted in so bad.  We walked around the mall a little too.  She is soooo close to walking on her own. She can totally do it if and when she wants, but she likes the security of having our hand to hold on to and I have to admit I kinda love it too.  

This day was a little bitter sweet because I really loved all of the special family time we had, but Chad had to leave for a conference this afternoon and will be gone all week.  I know that is not a very long time, but I still miss him like crazy.  He did his best to make sure my day was super special and it was :)

After Chad left for the airport and Olivia woke up from her nap we headed over to Nana's for a little more celebrating.  I am really close to my Mom and I am so thankful to have such a sweet and special role model to teach me how to be a mom.  
We had such a fun day filled with so much love.  

 I have to say a special thanks to my sweet hubby.  Without him I would not be able to be the mother I am.
He helps me so much with our sweet girl and works hard so I can stay home with her.  He encourages me, stands beside me through long days and nights and is an amazing father and husband to Olivia and me.  Chad Pearson, parenthood would not be nearly as much fun without you ;)

I hope everyone had a great day. Wish me luck with my week as a single mom ;)

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