May Days

Once again another month draws near to the end and I feel like just started.  Sweet summertime is just around the corner and it seems like things are just going to get more fun around here. I wanted to take a minute to document all of the fun we have been having this month!

Olivia and I survived a week alone while Chad was at a work conference. I have to admit I was a total baby the first couple of days.  I cried a few times because I was sad, I know pretty pathetic.  We have never been apart that long and these dang hormones just get the best of me sometimes.  At least I had my little lady to keep me so busy I didn't have time to think company.  We stayed busy visiting Nana and Aunt Ash and her girls pretty much every day, haha.  Chad's flight got in early on Friday and we celebrated with a little family lunch at Panera Bread and a trip to the park to let little miss enjoy the swings.

Reunited and it feels so goooood!!!
Side note...Olivia got her first (and second) black eye within a couple of days.  Learning to walk is hard work!

She showed Daddy her new walking skills!  My sweet baby started officially walking everywhere Wednesday 21st!  She has been taking steps for a few weeks, but that was the day she let go and hasn't looked back.  Girl is running circles around me now!
Olivia and I agreed that next time he has to leave we are hiding in his suitcase ;)

We went to a surprise 30th birthday party for a couple of very dear friends...yes, that means that my very own big 3-0 is just around the corner!!  We celebrated at the lake.  It was still a little chilly to swim, but we had lots of fun hanging out and pigging out on all the yummy food!

Olivia was super excited to wear her sailboat dress, perfect for a day at the lake :)

Last Friday my baby girl had surgery to correct a blocked tear duct that she has had since birth.  They are very common, but go away in the first 6 months usually.  Poor Olivia's was a stubborn case.  She would wake up every morning with her eye matted shut and I would have to clean it out multiple times a day.  At our 9 month appointment our pediatrician recommended us to a specialist and he said she definitely needed the surgery.  The way they explained it to me was very simple.  The insert a hollow wire into her tear duct and then thread a needle through the wire and basically pierce the blocked tear duct and it should clear.  He said she would have no signs on the outside that she even had surgery.  You can imagine my shock when they brought her to me after recovery looking like this...

I was already a nervous wreck, because I could hear her crying down the hall in recovery and they wouldn't let me see her yet.  She, of course, cried when they took her into surgery.  The doctor came into see us after and said everything went great.  It only took about 15 minutes.  When I first saw her she was swollen and bloody and tears just welled up in my eyes.  They gave her to me and she snuggled her head into my chest and fell straight asleep.  That is pretty much what we did the rest of the day...besides put eyedrops in her eye 4 times, nasal spray twice and 2 doses of oral medicine.  Needless to say, it was a crazy day.  Friday evening she woke up from her nap in a much better mood, but she was still drunk from the anesthesia.  She was trying to walk, but kept leaning to one side and falling.  Poor thing couldn't keep her balance and she was trying to run around everywhere.  She woke up feeling like a brand new woman Saturday morning so we decided to go ahead with our plans to go to the lake for Memorial Day weekend.  Most of the swelling had gone down and she was left with a bruise/mark on her eyelid and still a little bit of a bloody nose.  That mark turned into a scab, I am pretty sure that is where the doctor pushed to insert the wire and that skin is so thin it just broke.  It is almost healed up now though :)  Her eye is doing great.  Still a little watery at times, but it has been clear every morning and throughout the day so I am hoping the surgery was a success!

She was in pretty good spirits for being woken up at 5:30am
Before surgery, having a little fun

The day after surgery, looking a whole lot better :)

May has been a wonderful month.  Seeing it come to a close is bittersweet for me.  I am so happy for June and the start of summer, but that also means my tiny baby is almost ONE!  
Here's to slowing down and enjoying every day to the fullest!

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