11 Months Old

I cannot believe we have had this sweet little bundle of joy in our lives for almost a year now.  It seems like just yesterday I held her in my arms for the first time, but then it also feels like she has been with us forever.  She is such a perfect little piece of our family.
This month has been so exciting!  I am not just saying this, life with a baby just gets more fun every day. Minus a few of those days when you get approximately 30 minutes of sleep maybe ;)
It is so fun seeing the world through her little eyes.  It makes the same old experiences that I do all the time like brand new.  Lots of new tricks and fun stuff this month!
Happy almost Birthday sweet girl!!!

The biggest development this month is definitely walking...or almost walking!  You will take several steps on your own, but you still prefer to crawl to get where you need to go faster.  You are super quick on those knees too!  Your favorite thing right now is literally running through the house with your little walker. You man-handle that thing and it is so funny to watch!  You love to hold mine or Daddy's hand and walk around too.  You can totally walk by yourself when you want to though.

You are at that extremely annoying stage where you have to pull your bow out of your hair every time you feel it...I know, pretty horrible right?? ;)  
You even feel up there when you don't have a bow in just to make sure there is nothing in your hair.  I do have to say that it is pretty cute when you get it out.  You are super proud of yourself.

Speaking of hair, I am obsessed with yours!  It is so soft and curly and I just love it.  Looks like maybe you did get a little bit of mommy genes after all ;)

You now clap your hands when I say "yay" or "patty-cake"...or when you eat cake or anything else you really like.  I absolutely love watching you do this.  It is so cute!

We play peek-a-boo about a hundred times a day and it never gets old.  Your favorite spot is behind your curtains in your room.  You giggle the whole time and pull back the curtain and squeal when I say BOO!  Your sweet little scrunchy nose smile just melts me :)

I don't know how you don't weigh 50 pounds.  You eat like a boss!  You are pretty much done with baby food, but sometimes you let Daddy feed you.  When it is just us girls you prefer to feed yourself and you do an excellent job, I must say.  I have to fix you your own plate because you will eat all of mine if I don't!
Now that you have a molar - oh yeah, you only cut one tooth, but it was a doosie and the other side is right behind it!- you can eat lots of goodies!

Jibber-jabber!  Your little mouth is moving from the time you wake up now to when you go to sleep.  You now say: mama, bye-bye, bite (or mmmm when you want a bite), no-no (mostly to me when you are doing something you shouldn't be) and finally DADA!  We have been waiting on that one for a while!  You definitely understand a lot more than you say though.

Your favorite toys right now are anything that you can push around, that includes the kitchen bar stools sometimes.  You also love the plastic Easter eggs. I put them together and you crack them open and try your best to get them together again.   You love stuffed animals! You bury your sweet little face in and give them love saying "ooohhhhh" the whole time.  It is beyond precious.

You give real kisses now!  It is the sweetest thing.   You actually pucker your little lips up and give real kisses.  You even try to make this kiss noise and it is hilarious.

I think we are both excited for summer and getting outside more.  You love to play in the water and splash around.  I can't wait until we can go to Nana's pool and play.  I know you are going to love it.

I have to admit that most of the photo shoot went like this.  Any time you see me get the camera out or my phone you turn and run the other way.  When you aren't running from me you are trying to get the camera and this is the result of a mean mommy who wouldn't let you have it.

Baby girl, you are a constant source of happiness and laughter to Daddy and me.  I just love your sweet little personality.  You are so silly and even a little mischievous.  You have a love for life that makes me excited to do the smallest things with you.  I am so blessed that I get to be your best friend and I hope that we always are.  I love you so much my sweet Olivia Jane!

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