Spring Fever

I think it is safe to say spring is officially here!  We have been enjoying weather in the 70's the past couple of weeks and today it is 80.  Oh Alabama, can we just enjoy spring for a bit before summer starts in??
With spring comes one of my favorite holidays, Easter!  I cannot wait to teach my sweet girl the true meaning of Easter and celebrate our savior, Jesus, but this year I might have to settle with letting her help me frost eat our baked goodies ;)
She loves to be in the kitchen with me.  Most of the time she is hanging from my legs whining mama as I cook, but she gets so excited when I pick her up and let her get those chubby fingers in the action.  At 9 and a half months old she thinks she should be able to do everything herself too.  She wants to feed herself and makes quite the mess doing so.  We haven't found any food she doesn't love though yet!
Since the weather has been so nice I decided to hop outside and play around with my new camera and get some spring shots of baby girl!

We have Easter pictures coming up this Sunday so I was trying to get her warmed up ;)  Daddy was working in the yard and he had all of her attention.  Hopefully the little lamb she is having pictures taken with will strike her interest.

Love this little doll baby

Her favorite new smile...I am kind of obsessed with it

I hope everyone is making the most of this beautiful spring and getting ready for a lovely Easter holiday!

Happy Spring Peeps!