Happy Easter

This has been one of my very favorite Easter's to date.  We have had a hectic weekend, but we have had the privilege of worshiping our Lord twice this weekend and spent lots of time with sweet family.
Saturday evening we went to our church (Church of the Highlands) for the Easter service.  This is the first time we have put Olivia in the nursery ever so it was very nerve wracking for me.  I know we need to get back to church on a regular basis, even though we watch from home each week, there is something about being in the house of God that you cannot replicate from your living room.  I dropped her off and she went right to the girl in the nursery, no tears..by her anyways.  I met Chad in the sanctuary and fought back tears through the whole first worship song.  I said a prayer and let it go and really enjoyed the rest of the service.  When it was time to go get her I could hear her from down the hall..she was strapped into this little trolly thing screaming her head off.  My heart dropped.  She stopped crying as soon as I got her and she survived so all was well.  We stopped for dinner at P.F. Chang's, Chad's favorite!  We hurried home to get the babe in bed and get up in the morning and do it all again.
Sunday morning we have a tradition to go to church with my family and I decided to try the nursery again, I know, poor baby Olivia.  This time she cried when I dropped her off, but I gave them my cell phone number and instructed them to call me if she didn't stop, not letting my baby scream the whole time.  I clutched my phone the entire service, but really did enjoy it as well.  When I went to pick her up she was swinging and almost asleep, girl loves a swing!  Sweet baby was all smiles when we got home.

After church it was home for a nap and then lunch at my Mom's with the whole family.  Taking pictures of these little critters is hard work.  They are always on the move.

Chad and Emma must have been talking about something very important ;)

Olivia got to participate bang together eggs and scream any time her toes touched the grass in her first egg hunt!  By this point in the day she was ready for a nap and had no interest in eggs or really anyone else, but mama.  We still had fun though.

 She was concentrating hard on hitting those eggs together.

We waited to let her open her Easter basket until we got home since our morning was kinda hectic trying to get out the door for church.   I kept it pretty simple this year.  I read something a while back that stuck with me as a good guideline for buying her gifts.  Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.  She got yogurt bites and animal crackers as her want, girl loves to eat. She needs a toothbrush and hairbrush with all those new teeth and pretty hair growing in.  She got some cute new shoes (I got her a couple more pair that wouldn't fit in her basket) for the summer to wear and a few books to read.  If you haven't read the book God Gave Us Easter you should.  It is precious and does a really good job of explaining the meaning of Easter in a way a child can understand...not that she is old enough yet, but we will have it for her when she is.  Mommy Hugs and Daddy Hugs might possibly be the sweetest books ever too!

Hey Mom, give me those back - my feeble attempt to get her to look and smile at me

and to her mouth...like everything else these days

I think she liked her goodies.  We had such a wonderful and special Easter as a family of three.  I've said it before and I will say it again.  Having a kid makes holidays so much more fun :)
We are beyond blessed with this little miracle.
I am also so thankful to be a child of the living God! I celebrate today and everyday that Jesus died to save a wretch like me.  From the book I mentioned earlier, Easter is even better than Christmas because on Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birthday, but on Easter we celebrate that He wants us to be with Him forever!
Happy Easter from the Pearson's!

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