Adventures in Finger Foods

The days of purees are behind us.
Little lady has decided she is much more interested in what is on Mommy and Daddy's plate than hers.  I have been trying to make her eat her baby food for the last week to no avail so this weekend I gave up and let her eat big people food.  I have actually been looking forward to this for a while.  I really love to cook and get creative with her food and this just opens up so many new possibilities!
This morning for breakfast she had yogurt and some yummy fresh fruit!

I love to make her food fun and pretty...and I pretend that she likes it too.

This is such a wonderful time of year to try new fruits!  Her favorites were the grapes and blueberries.  She wasn't really a fan of the avocado or the pineapple, but we will try them again.
It is so fun to watch her explore with her little fingers and she gets so excited and proud of herself when she eats all of the food on her tray.

side note:  I am obsessed and slightly jealous of this child's eyelashes ;)

Cuties are my favorite fruit.  I eat probably 5 a day.  She loved them too.  She would eat them and make this face and laugh.

Besides making a huge mess and needing to mop the floor 3 times a day it is going great!  I cannot believe how big my girl is getting.  

Next up, jellybeans!!!  I kid, momma doesn't share her jellybeans ;)

Lovely way to brighten our dreary Monday.
Hoping to try some new Easter inspired recipes this week!
I would love to hear some of your favorite ways to make food fun for little ones!

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