Zoo Animal

My oh my I am behind on the blogging! Between my child deciding she doesn't need to sleep during the day - at all - and a booming bow making business I feel like I can't catch up with anything.  So today my house is a mess and I have several orders to fill, but I need to document my baby's first trip to the zoo!!
Last week the weather took another crazy turn and we got into the 70's.  My sis and I packed the girls up and took a trip to the zoo.  It was overcast and perfect for walking around and enjoying being outside. There was hardly anyone there so we got to spend lots of time acting a complete fool making the sea lions wave to us and chase down the elusive peacock.

Side note - I forgot my camera - boo!!!  All of these pics are terrible quality off of my phone, but oh well!

All of the animals were in rare form!  Maybe they could feel the storm a brewin' coming that night!
We had several up close and personal encounters and baby girl was captivated by all of the animals.

Clearly, she is just enthralled at all of this action ;)

She really did have a great time on the carousel, squealing and laughing the whole time.

We loved spending time with our cousins and friends!
At least Allie is smiling :)

Girl always gives the best smiles to her Aunt Ash..makes me a tad jealous. The minute she sees me hold up a camera she runs crawls like a mad woman the other way now!

Cheesin' big!  How many teeth can you count??  Hint, there are seven razor sharp little daggers in there!

After being cooped up in the house with snow and sickness it was so refreshing to get outside and I am so happy my sweet girl loved the zoo as much as mommy does!  We bought zoo memberships so I have a feeling we will be visiting very often coming up!


  1. I have noticed that the animals do love days like that. They seem to be more active. Buying a zoo membership is soo worth it! It will pay itself back many times over! :)

    1. I am so excited to take her back this spring and summer..and fall haha! I love the zoo too!!!