Sunday Funday

Is it spring already??
This weekend we got a little taste of it and I am so ready! Bring on the flip-flops, sundresses and bikinis oh wait, not bikinis, yikes!  It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and we just had to get outside and enjoy it.  We took a quilt out in the backyard and a few toys and just watched Olivia play.  I really do cherish these times with my little family. We are usually so busy doing one thing or another that it is so refreshing to just stop and savor these moments together.

The days of wearing her shades peacefully are over, now she just wants to eat everything else.

Girl loves her sippy cup now, of course she will still not take a bottle, but at least she will drink from anything with a straw.  Why does she automatically look so much older when she is holding her own drink??
I know this is not a big deal to most people, but around here watching her latch on and drink from anything besides mommy is reason for celebration!!

I simply cannot believe how big my girl is getting.  She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything she can get her hands on.  Don't worry, she wasn't a fan of the grass so she stayed on the blanket.

So in love with this new smile she has, cheesin' big time!

Olivia insisted on trying on her bikini so she could get some sun on that little chubby body. I obliged her request ;)

Looking forward to seeing her walking around in her bathing suits this summer!  I don't know that I can handle the cuteness!

My whole world :)
So thankful for the beautiful day God gave us and my wonderful little family to share it with.

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