Snow Day

Being born and raised in Alabama anytime there is mention of snow I automatically get super excited! Unfortunately for my city, we were very much unprepared for the winter weather.
My heart goes out to all of those who were stranded on the roadways, in schools, at work and away from their families for hours and days.  We have pretty much been glued to the news the past couple of days in shock of what we were seeing, very reminiscent of watching the Walking Dead (minus people eating each other, of course).  Cars abandoned, people in the streets, central Alabama in a full on Snowpocolypse!  
Thankfully, my hubby made it home safely from work before things got too bad.  His normally 20 minute commute took a little over 2 hours, but at least he made it home!  
Tuesday morning Olivia and I woke up to a snowy winter wonderland.  I immediately got her all bundled up and went outside to catch some falling snowflakes on our tongues!  

I have to say she wasn't a fan of the snow....which breaks my heart just a little haha.  She got her little chubby fingers in the cold wet stuff and that was enough for her.  I just know she will love it next time, you know, in like 5 years when we get snow again ;)

We enjoyed the beauty of the snow from indoors and are very thankful to all be safe and together.  Now, mama might be going a little stir crazy after being trapped like a rat home all week!  Hopefully the ice will melt soon so we can get out and about again. 
Don't fret, it is supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend, gotta love this crazy Alabama weather :)

My two very favorite people.

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