After the holidays are gone I always look forward to a little relaxing and recharging and then I realize January is crazier than December!  This year has been one for the books!  We have had 9 birthdays, 3 trips to the doctor, more than a few playdates with the cousins, 2 weddings, a business start-up, a baby shower and a partridge in a pear tree!
It feels like we have been either stuck in the house recouping from sickness or running around like chickens with our heads cut off and now January is almost gone.  As I was rocking Olivia to sleep (oh yes, we started that again when she got sick) the other night I realized just how fast time is passing.  She will only let me rock her like that when she doesn't feel well and I cherish every moment.  I was staring at her sweet little face and tears began to well up in my eyes.  I can barely remember rocking her to sleep as a newborn and that was just a few months ago!  I want to hold on to every memory with her.  I never want to take one second with my little angel for granted.  She is ever growing and changing and I am determined to not let life get in the way of enjoying time with her.  My goal for the last few days we have left in this month is to do absolutely nothing, except love on my baby and my husband.  Watching two sets of friends get married this month really had me reminiscing about my wedding day.  I hope I never forget that feeling, so happy and so incredibly in love.  Don't get me wrong I love my husband more today than I ever have, but there was something magical about that day and I love to think back to those sweet times.  
So obviously I am a wee bit emotional, what can I say..hormones are a biotch!

Before I turn into a sobbing mess let's get back to some fun.  We really have had some great times this month.  Here is a little journey in pictures!

I could seriously die from the cuteness!  She is mommy's little sidekick.  We have made lots of post office and hobby lobby runs lately to support my new headband business and she has been a trooper.  It has been quite chilly so she has been rocking her down vest like a little diva!

We had a playdate with one of my oldest friends and of course Ash and her girls at the Mcwane Center.  Olivia loves to be around other kids and she had the best time.  I could not wipe off those nasty toys fast enough before she shoved them straight in her mouth.  I was totally that mom running around like crazy trying to disinfect everything..to no avail.  Oh well, building that immune system I guess.

One random Sunday it was 60 degrees so we took full advantage with a family walk and the hubby even broke out the grill and made some delicious ribs!  It felt almost like summer... I said almost.  Didn't stop Olivia from demanding to try on her bikini!!!!

I simply cannot wait to get to see this little chunky legged babe run around in this all summer long.  I will probably have a permanent smile on my face :)  Love is not even the word.

Little miss got to stay up waaaayyy past her bedtime pretty much every weekend this month going to some function.  She was enamored by the sparklers everywhere at the weddings! 
p.s. - Who is that hottie in the suit behind me?? ;)

Oh the SweetHoney madness...
We have finally had enough events for Olivia to start getting some use out of her fancy dresses.  I swear I spend more time picking out her outfits than my own and definitely more money..oops.
 But I cannot help myself!

 In other news, baby girl is on the verge of crawling!!!  She can now get from laying flat on her back into a seated position and she gets up on all fours and rocks.  Things are about to get real around here!!!
There is our January in a nutshell.
Looking forward to some Valentine's Fun starting in just a few days!

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