Happy New Year!

There is always something exciting about this time of year to me. New beginning and adventures to come!  I am sad to see Christmas go, but really looking forward to all of the fun just around the corner.

We spent New Year's Eve at my sister's red-necking it up with a bonfire and fireworks in the driveway.  Who says family-friendly has to be boring?? 

Olivia was enamored by the bonfire and she really liked watching the fireworks too.  Or maybe she was so tired she was just in a daze, haha.  The night was nothing short of magical with sparklers and marshmallow roasting ;)

 Allie even took time out from her busy schedule of bicycle riding to join in the fun.

My little marshmallow!  I am seriously dying from the cuteness.

 I will say it is a little hard to celebrate a midnight holiday when your bedtime is at 7pm.  Little lady was a trooper and made it until 10:30.  I told her I had the ball drop on DVR and she could watch it in the morning so she said "peace out" to 2013 a little early.  Not to worry,  staying up late definitely did not deter her 7:30 am internal alarm clock.

We spent New Years day watching a lot of football.  The weather was so nice we had to get outside and go for a family walk.  Also, we ate a ridiculous amount of pigs in a blanket for lunch..
All bundled up and ready for some sunshine!
 This face seriously melts me!

We are spending the rest of the evening soaking up our time with Daddy.  He has been off work since December 20th and we are not looking forward to him going back.  Mommy in particular, since he has gotten up with baby bear every morning and I have been sleeping until around 9 everyday, lazy I know. Here's to spending the New Year with my two most favorite people in the world!

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