My Valentine

I have always loved Valentine's Day.  I love the corny cards, huge stuffed animals and most of all the conversation sweethearts!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for love.  This year I am especially excited to celebrate the holiday of love with my newest little person to love.  

This year I have decided to make a Valentine countdown starting February 1st with fun activities for every day just to make sure we give this sweet little holiday its due!
Feel free to join in on the fun!

Valentine's Day Countdown
14 - Have a lovely picnic with Daddy
13 - Decorate the chalkboard in the playroom with a festive design
12 - Have a play date with some of our sweethearts
11 - Make a special dinner with all of the foods we love
10 - Create a special Valentine headband for Olivia and her besties
9 - Valentine's Party with some sweet friends
8 - Pick out a new Valentine book at the store and read it before bed
7 - Craft day! Put that Pinterest Board to good use
6 - Have lunch with Nana and give her the Valentine we made her
5 - Bake heart cookies and treats with the cousins
4 - Surprise Daddy at work with lunch
3 - Spend the day doing all of the things Olivia loves, like swinging ;)
2 - Have a fun festive photoshoot to celebrate baby girl is 8 months old!!!
1 - Family date night, because I want to share with holiday with both of my loves!

Happy February Sweethearts!!!

Snow Day

Being born and raised in Alabama anytime there is mention of snow I automatically get super excited! Unfortunately for my city, we were very much unprepared for the winter weather.
My heart goes out to all of those who were stranded on the roadways, in schools, at work and away from their families for hours and days.  We have pretty much been glued to the news the past couple of days in shock of what we were seeing, very reminiscent of watching the Walking Dead (minus people eating each other, of course).  Cars abandoned, people in the streets, central Alabama in a full on Snowpocolypse!  
Thankfully, my hubby made it home safely from work before things got too bad.  His normally 20 minute commute took a little over 2 hours, but at least he made it home!  
Tuesday morning Olivia and I woke up to a snowy winter wonderland.  I immediately got her all bundled up and went outside to catch some falling snowflakes on our tongues!  

I have to say she wasn't a fan of the snow....which breaks my heart just a little haha.  She got her little chubby fingers in the cold wet stuff and that was enough for her.  I just know she will love it next time, you know, in like 5 years when we get snow again ;)

We enjoyed the beauty of the snow from indoors and are very thankful to all be safe and together.  Now, mama might be going a little stir crazy after being trapped like a rat home all week!  Hopefully the ice will melt soon so we can get out and about again. 
Don't fret, it is supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend, gotta love this crazy Alabama weather :)

My two very favorite people.


After the holidays are gone I always look forward to a little relaxing and recharging and then I realize January is crazier than December!  This year has been one for the books!  We have had 9 birthdays, 3 trips to the doctor, more than a few playdates with the cousins, 2 weddings, a business start-up, a baby shower and a partridge in a pear tree!
It feels like we have been either stuck in the house recouping from sickness or running around like chickens with our heads cut off and now January is almost gone.  As I was rocking Olivia to sleep (oh yes, we started that again when she got sick) the other night I realized just how fast time is passing.  She will only let me rock her like that when she doesn't feel well and I cherish every moment.  I was staring at her sweet little face and tears began to well up in my eyes.  I can barely remember rocking her to sleep as a newborn and that was just a few months ago!  I want to hold on to every memory with her.  I never want to take one second with my little angel for granted.  She is ever growing and changing and I am determined to not let life get in the way of enjoying time with her.  My goal for the last few days we have left in this month is to do absolutely nothing, except love on my baby and my husband.  Watching two sets of friends get married this month really had me reminiscing about my wedding day.  I hope I never forget that feeling, so happy and so incredibly in love.  Don't get me wrong I love my husband more today than I ever have, but there was something magical about that day and I love to think back to those sweet times.  
So obviously I am a wee bit emotional, what can I say..hormones are a biotch!

Before I turn into a sobbing mess let's get back to some fun.  We really have had some great times this month.  Here is a little journey in pictures!

I could seriously die from the cuteness!  She is mommy's little sidekick.  We have made lots of post office and hobby lobby runs lately to support my new headband business and she has been a trooper.  It has been quite chilly so she has been rocking her down vest like a little diva!

We had a playdate with one of my oldest friends and of course Ash and her girls at the Mcwane Center.  Olivia loves to be around other kids and she had the best time.  I could not wipe off those nasty toys fast enough before she shoved them straight in her mouth.  I was totally that mom running around like crazy trying to disinfect no avail.  Oh well, building that immune system I guess.

One random Sunday it was 60 degrees so we took full advantage with a family walk and the hubby even broke out the grill and made some delicious ribs!  It felt almost like summer... I said almost.  Didn't stop Olivia from demanding to try on her bikini!!!!

I simply cannot wait to get to see this little chunky legged babe run around in this all summer long.  I will probably have a permanent smile on my face :)  Love is not even the word.

Little miss got to stay up waaaayyy past her bedtime pretty much every weekend this month going to some function.  She was enamored by the sparklers everywhere at the weddings! 
p.s. - Who is that hottie in the suit behind me?? ;)

Oh the SweetHoney madness...
We have finally had enough events for Olivia to start getting some use out of her fancy dresses.  I swear I spend more time picking out her outfits than my own and definitely more money..oops.
 But I cannot help myself!

 In other news, baby girl is on the verge of crawling!!!  She can now get from laying flat on her back into a seated position and she gets up on all fours and rocks.  Things are about to get real around here!!!
There is our January in a nutshell.
Looking forward to some Valentine's Fun starting in just a few days!

Launching Livy's Pretties

I have now joined the small business world!
I have pretty much been obsessed with hair pretties since before my sweet girl was born and shortly after having her I began to make a lot of her headbands.   I got compliments all of the time and I decided I could make them available to everyone!

Livy's Pretties is now live on Etsy (LivysPretties)
I also take orders on Facebook as well.  Like my page to get special discounts and enter to win free bows!

 My little business is just starting and I am overwhelmed by the love and support from my friends and family.
So a big thank you out there to all who have supported me so far!

If you would like to shop you can see some of my creations on Etsy HERE!

I am now offering a 15% off of $15 or more coupon special to my blog readers!  Enter code "blogger" to receive the discount!

I will leave you with a few of my favorite bows :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Shopping!

7 Months Old

7 Months old already??  Mommy is having a minor meltdown over the fact that my tiny baby is now closer to being a 1 year old than a newborn.  Other than that things are great!  Life with a 7 month old is so exciting!  I know I say this every month, but this is definitely my favorite.  She is super sweet and loving and I feel like she is really starting to understand when I talk to her (or maybe I really am going crazy from being home all of the time).  We have been inside A LOT lately and I think we are both about ready to fly the coo-coo's nest at this point.  The weather here has been nuts, in the 60's one day and snow flurries the next??  We are ready for spring to be here already...mostly so I can dress her up in all of her new Sweet Honey and Matilda Jane!  Also looking forward Olivia's first Valentine's Day.  We have lots of fun planned already that I will tell you about in a later post! 
 Back to my sweet 7 month old :)

I am not sure how much you weigh or how long you are..bad mom I know.  I tried really hard to measure you, but you would not be still on the scale and it said you weighed 30 pounds and I don't believe that is right since you weighed 16.5 last month.  I mean, you have been eating a lot, but not that much ;)

Your hair has been growing like crazy lately and I hate to inform you, but I am afraid you are going to have my fuzzy mess.  It is getting really thick and you can wear hairbows now, but I just love the look of a headband on you so we are sticking with that for now.

I had to take you for your first sick visit to the doctor this month boo!  You and I both have mycoplasma walking pneumonia.  I thought about waiting to do your "photoshoot" until you were better, but I didn't want to wait too long and forget about it.  So sorry for the red watery eyes and snotty nose in the pictures, but you are still gorgeous!  

You are still a champion sleeper!  Even though you have been sick, you go to bed at 7pm and sleep until around 6 am.  Lately, you have been falling back asleep in my bed and sleeping until after 9!!  I sure do appreciate all of the sleep.

You are still not crawling, but you want to really bad!!  You do make your way around though.  You do this weird split/scissor scoot thing and I don't really understand how you even do it, but you are definitely on the move!  I know things are gonna get wild around here when you are officially mobile so I am trying to brace myself for that.

Gone are the days when I could just hold the camera up and you would smile and sit so still for me.  You are crazy busy these days.  I love your little wild woman self, but it sure does make capturing these moments a little more difficult.

4 teeth ain't bad for a 7 month old!  You have your bottom two teeth and your top two laterals - so that means you look pretty darn funny when you smile really big. Your top two middle teeth are about to break through any day now to ruin the fun though ;)  I love my little vampire baby!

Baby girl got to start eating big girl food this month!  So far you have had avocado and bananas, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  You LOVE the avocado and bananas and will tolerate the butternut squash a little, but refused the sweet potato all together.  I think it is a texture thing.  
Things I have let you have tastes of that are not on the mom approved baby food list:
Ice cream
strawberry cake - that you could not get enough of
animal cracker - that you almost died on
Geez, I didn't realize what a bad mom I was until I just listed all of that stuff out.... I pretty much let you have just a taste of anything you act interested in.

You have gotten really into playing with your toys lately.  You love to sit in the floor, surrounded by all of your loud stuff and try to eat everything in sight.  Tags on any toy bring an instant smile to your face and then you attack it.  Nana got you a ride on Minnie Mouse air plane for Christmas and it is your Daddy's favorite toy.  Daddy pushes you all over the house on that thing and you squeal and laugh the whole time.  It is pretty funny.

Guess who is jabbering "mamamama" ALL of the time???  This sweet angel right here!!!
Mostly when you are fussing at me, but I love it so much.   You have been talking non stop for a month or so and I have just been waiting on that one to make the list!  I know you are not saying it for real yet, but I'll take it!

This month has been my favorite because life with you just gets sweeter and sweeter.  You make every day more fun.  I love just sitting on the couch snuggled up in the mornings and playing peek-a-boo one million times a day.  You are the sweetest little baby I have ever met and I am so blessed to be your Mama.  You can always bring a smile to my face, even when we are both sick :)  I am just trying to soak up as much time with you as possible as you seem determined to grow up on me!
Happy 7 Months my angel baby!

Body of Love

As the new year rings in it is time to think of those resolutions.   I have been doing a lot of thinking regarding this subject lately.  It is a time to better ourselves in some area we feel is lacking.  A fresh start. 
 I am choosing a new way of thinking.

For a while now I have been pretty down on myself about my postpartum body.  I have complained to anyone who will listen about my wider hips and flabby belly.  As a person who used to make a living by getting others into shape it is a bit of a hard pill to swallow to not be in shape.  I find myself too often shying away when my husband grabs my "love handles" to pull me in for a hug or catches a glimpse of me changing clothes.  I compare myself to others and worry way too much about how they are viewing me. I have judged myself much harsher than deserved.
 I have felt that I was a failure.

Then I looked at my daughter.

My perfect, beautiful, healthy little girl.  My body was the vessel God used to bring her into this world.
Yes, my hips are wider.  They had to give way to allow her to grow inside of me.
The roadmap of veins and stretchmarks on my chest are proof that I am still giving her life even though she is on the outside.
The marks on my sides show that I was once too small to contain all of the love that she would bring to my life.
My belly, that I worked so hard to sculpt is now soft, but she doesn't mind as she snuggles in close to me, nothing makes her happier.
My smile, that is now adorned with a double chin is perhaps the only distinct feature I can recognize on her as part of me, and her smile is a thing of beauty.
I may not be wearing make-up and my hair is not perfect, but I will not regret the hour I spent laying in the floor giggling with her until she loses her breath.
My expanded waistline was home to all of her kicks and jabs, a feeling I would not trade for anything in this world.
My body is amazing.
My body is strong.
All of this is evidence left behind proving that I once had two hearts beating inside of me.

I cannot be ashamed of that.

I can honestly not even comprehend the full beauty of that.  Every single part of her was created in me.  The fact that I would expect my body to be the same is really quite silly.

Having a baby did not ruin my body, it gave my body purpose.

I am proud God chose me to be Olivia's mother.  It is an honor I do not take lightly.
I prayed for this child and I am beyond thankful for her.
I am thankful that I was the one that got to feel her every move inside of me.
I am thankful that she knew me from the moment she entered this world.
 I am thankful that I can nurse her and continue our special bond.
I am thankful that she smiles every time she sees my face.
I am thankful that I am the one who gets to comfort her should she wake in the night.
I am thankful for the amazing little person she is.

She is perfect to me and I cannot look at anything she left behind on me as anything less.

So as I welcome this new year I am resolving to be happy with the new me, imperfections and all.

Happy New Year!

There is always something exciting about this time of year to me. New beginning and adventures to come!  I am sad to see Christmas go, but really looking forward to all of the fun just around the corner.

We spent New Year's Eve at my sister's red-necking it up with a bonfire and fireworks in the driveway.  Who says family-friendly has to be boring?? 

Olivia was enamored by the bonfire and she really liked watching the fireworks too.  Or maybe she was so tired she was just in a daze, haha.  The night was nothing short of magical with sparklers and marshmallow roasting ;)

 Allie even took time out from her busy schedule of bicycle riding to join in the fun.

My little marshmallow!  I am seriously dying from the cuteness.

 I will say it is a little hard to celebrate a midnight holiday when your bedtime is at 7pm.  Little lady was a trooper and made it until 10:30.  I told her I had the ball drop on DVR and she could watch it in the morning so she said "peace out" to 2013 a little early.  Not to worry,  staying up late definitely did not deter her 7:30 am internal alarm clock.

We spent New Years day watching a lot of football.  The weather was so nice we had to get outside and go for a family walk.  Also, we ate a ridiculous amount of pigs in a blanket for lunch..
All bundled up and ready for some sunshine!
 This face seriously melts me!

We are spending the rest of the evening soaking up our time with Daddy.  He has been off work since December 20th and we are not looking forward to him going back.  Mommy in particular, since he has gotten up with baby bear every morning and I have been sleeping until around 9 everyday, lazy I know. Here's to spending the New Year with my two most favorite people in the world!

So long 2013!

Saying goodbye to 2013 is bittersweet for me.  This has been such an amazing year!  A year full of change and excitement.  My little family has been blessed beyond measure and I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us.  Here is my little ode to 2013 pictures included  :)

We rang in the 2013 in Gatlingburg with some great friends!
Last New Years as a family of 2!

We found out Baby Pearson was a GIRL!!!

Took one heck of a Baby Moon

Watched a bump grow from this..
 to this..
to this..
to this...whoa mama!!!

Welcomed a little angel into the world

Our little family grew from this
to this..quite seamlessly

Moved twice, built a house and finally got settled into our HOME

Spent as much time as possible doing this..

and wrapped it all up with one Very Merry Christmas!

2014 has some BIG shoes to fill!
Looking forward to another great year!