Turkey Week

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving this year!  With so much to be thankful for how could we not??
Olivia was very thankful for her first tooth just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  I decided to let her try some creamed potatoes and she wasn't a fan.  Now, the whipped cream on top of my strawberry cake she loved, sweet tooth just like mama!  Here is a recap of our Thanksgiving week!

My sis and I took all three girls to see Santa.  Allie Kate has had a pretty rough track record with the big guy and Olivia is not a fan of strangers so we didn't know how this would go...They all did GREAT!  This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

All I want for Christmas is my other bottom tooth!!!

I am so thankful for all three of these beauties!

Olivia had her first big girl bath with Ava!  It was all fun and games until Ava started splashing around and Olivia lost her shiz..

All clean and ready to decorate the Christmas tree!

Thanksgiving Day we slept in to a whopping 8:30!  We had lunch at my Dad's and dinner at my mom's.  It was kind of a crazy day with limited nap time, but baby girl was a trooper!  Love these two to the moon and back!

 The babies were clearly not into the picture taking.

We did some black Friday shopping against my husbands will.  We didn't get out until later in the afternoon and the crowds had died down.  Olivia was just super excited to get to wear some Christmas attire.  I am starting to realize I might have gone a bit over board with the Christmas outfits, but oh well!  I mean, look how cute she is!!

Sunday we celebrated this little doll turning 1!!!!!

She loved her cake and was super cute digging in face first!  Love this little angel so much and I cannot believe she is already one year old!
We tried to get a picture of them together, but Ava was way too busy to pose for pics.  My little lady just waiting patiently on her cousin...

I truly love Thanksgiving, but I am always excited when it is over so we can finally go crazy with the Christmas festivities!  We have been cleaning and decorating all day.  This is how Olivia feels about it..

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Happy December!!!

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