Oh What FUN!

One of the best parts about this time of year is spending lots of time with family and friends.  I am trying to make this first Christmas as memorable and fun as possible for my little bundle in between 3 naps a day and a 7 pm bedtime.  

We went to a 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner for Chad's Aunt and Uncle this past weekend.  Olivia and I were excited because we got to wear matching Christmas attire. 

Little photo shoot with Mommy's new camera a.k.a. early Christmas present!

Look at that little toofy!

On Sunday we went to a friend's house to build gingerbread houses.  Olivia loved watching all of the big girls run and play.  She is getting so interested in other kids and it is so cute!  Our house didn't turn out so hot, but we ate some icing and other goodies and had a really good time.

That face....ahhh I could just eat those cheeks up!!!

She loved the "big girls"!

Olivia's Grandma came over to make Christmas ornaments this week.  It was pretty messy and Olivia was not a fan of having her hand put in the salt dough, but it was fun.

We took a shopping trip with Nana and I thought it was the perfect time to wear our super cute matching shirts from Saseadecor.etsy.com.

 This might be my favorite Christmas outfit she has worn..so far ;)

Mom, seriously, enough pictures!!!

We are looking forward to our first Christmas party this weekend and Olivia's half birthday!  She finally gets to start eating some real food.  I am nervous about it, not sure why.  It just feels like she is growing up way to fast.  

Hope everyone is making the most of this merry season!

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