Feeling Festive

5 days until Christmas, who's ready??
We are working extra hard to make it feel like Christmas since it is 70 degrees outside...plus Olivia has some festive attire she hasn't even worn yet!  
Last weekend we attended our first ever child friendly Christmas party.  We have come a long way from late night bonfires and too much champagne. 
My little elf helped me make some delicious snacks to bring to the party!

Ready to party!
We had so much fun with some great friends.  There was even a visit from Santa himself to read "The Night Before Christmas" to the kiddos.

My pretty girl was excited to wear her new fancy Sweet Honey dress...although she was more interested in her boots ;)

Sunday night we had a family dinner to celebrate Jacob's birthday.  Madeline wanted to hold Olivia and Ava.  It went swell, for about 5 seconds and they started wiggling to get loose and Olivia took a nose dive and hit her poor little eye on a toy and screamed bloody murder.  
Sweet cousins!

Olivia insisted we match...

Earlier today we had a play date with my friend Katie and her little guy.  This kid is probably the cutest little boy I have ever seen!  He is 6 weeks younger than Olivia, but definitely dwarfs her in size.  They weren't really into the photo shoot, but we had a fun time anyways ;)

The real Christmas festivities officially start tomorrow with dinner at my Mom's and gift exchange!  We are also super excited because we have Daddy home with us until after the new year!
Off to watch "Christmas Vacation" for the thousandth time...night!

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