A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas has always been my very favorite holiday.  I love the hustle and bustle of buying gifts, sharing lots of time with family and friends, the food (oh yes, definitely the food), and most importantly celebrating the birth of Jesus, my Lord and savior.
I really didn't think it could get any better...I was wrong!  Having Olivia to share Christmas with made things exponentially more fun!  I know things are just going to get better as she gets older too.  
Christmas officially started for us the Saturday before with dinner at my Mom's with all of my step sister's and their families.  We have a tradition where my step Dad cooks steak and baked potatoes (and macaroni and cheese and corn casserole, and a giant salad, not to mention the caramel cheese cake for dessert) for dinner since everyone is pretty much turkey'd out.  We had so much fun visiting and exchanging gifts with everyone!

These two are going to be besties!  Loving trying to bite each other already!

Christmas Eve we spent the day doing a little last minute Christmas shopping..I know, I could hardly believe it myself.  I actually was not as crowded as I thought it would be.  That afternoon we went to the candle light service with our families at GFBC.  Olivia decided she didn't need an afternoon nap and she took turns with Ava screaming throughout the entire service.  I thought the screaming was bad until she started grabbing my boobs with both hands trying to nurse through my clothes and everyone on our row was staring and snickering...I pretty much wanted to crawl under my seat and die of embarrassment. It was great fun.

Little lady went to bed early and Mama and Papa elf got to work!  I set up her presents which included a wooden highchair I had my eye on for a while and lots and lots of Sweet Honey, oh yeah, she got some toys too ;)  We still had wrapping to do for Christmas day so we baked ourselves some cookies and watched A Christmas Story as we finished up.  

Setting up her Christmas presents was so much fun!

Christmas Day I woke up to hear Olivia laughing and cooing.  We videoed her opening her presents eating wrapping paper.  She was just so excited that Santa had come and she loved all of her goodies!

We always go to my Mom's for a big brunch and open presents with them.  It is such a fun tradition and Christmas would not be complete without some hashbrown casserole!
 My beautiful Mommy and two of her grandbabies

Cousin love ;)

It seriously took an hour to open all of our presents!  It didn't help matters that little miss needed to eat EVERYTHING!!!

Christmas also happens to be Chad's Mom's Birthday! I mean, how cool is that?? I am pretty sure I would die from excitement if that were my birthday.  We had her over to our house that evening for a tradition Christmas dinner.  I also made cupcakes with home made buttercream icing.  I apparently was too busy to take any pictures, but we had such a good time.

My husband and I had our first outing (yes, I am aware my baby is 6 months old) to a friends late Christmas Party.  Chad's mom came to our house and sat while Olivia got her beauty sleep.  She still goes to bed by 7 so I fed her and got to put her down before we left.  We had a blast catching up with friends kid free!


This has definitely been my very favorite Christmas EVER and I am so thankful I have my sweet husband and baby girl to share it with.  I am always a little sad when it ends every year, but I am super excited to put Olivia in all of her new non-holiday clothes!
I hope everyone enjoyed this special time of year as much as we did!

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