6 Months Old

Happy Half Birthday to my sweet angel baby!   Seriously, how can my little tiny baby already be a half a year old??  Time is passing by so fast and I pray every day that I can remember these moments with her.  When I heard her stirring around this morning I went in singing "Happy Birthday" and she smiled from ear to ear. I am a terrible singer, but I put a whole lot of heart into it so I think that makes up for it. 
 Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of hearing my rendition of "The Circle of Life" would have to agree.  Bonus if you got to hear the duet with my sister. 
So very thankful for my beautiful, sweet, happy, healthy six month old!!!
Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces - 70th percentile
Length: 27 inches - 90th percentile

You are the happiest little thing right now and you smile every time I look at you. You are so silly too.  You love to laugh and I love to hear you laugh...see how that works out?? ;)

Girl, 3 teeth??  Are you trying to break some kind of record or something?  You seem so much older with your mouth filling up with all of those pearly whites!  I do have to say though, you are a champion teether.  Other than some major drool you would never even know that you are teething, like a boss!

I just have to say thank you for the sleep lately.  Bedtime around 7 and sleeping until 6-7 in the morning! You go girl!

By far the biggest accomplishment this month is your sitting up all by your little self!  You only fall over if you try to look behind you or up too high.  I must say it is pretty nice to sit you in the floor with your toys while I unload the groceries from the car or fold a load of laundry because let's face it, you are on my hip pretty much every other waking moment and I love it!

You love to go shopping with me, which is a bonus since we have to do a lot of Christmas shopping!  I just strap you in your carrier and you are good to go. You also like riding in your stroller for a bit, until some stranger undoubtedly comes up to talk to you and you lose your little shiz.  You are pretty friendly with strangers, but from a safe distanceIf they get too close you freak out.

You LOVE other little kids, especially your cousins Allie Kate and Ava Grace.  You and Ava are pretty funny together.  You sit and squeal back and forth and try to poke each other in the face, it is just great fun!  Ava gives you love and you get so excited you shake haha

You also love your Aunt Ashley.  You smile every time she looks at you (a little prize reserved for MOMMY)!  We do sound alike and kinda look alike and definitely act a lot alike so that is probably why you like her so much.  Her babies have always loved me too!  It makes my heart happy to see people I love loving on you and you to them :)

This is by far the most fun age of all..yet!  You love to laugh and play with me and you are so observant of what is going on around you.

The love affair with your feet continues!  Most of the time I have them covered up, it is freezing outside, but when you get the opportunity you go after them like a mad woman.  

You are reaching and grasping for everything these days, anything in mommy's hands is top priority.  You are getting more interested in toys too.  You love anything that lights up and sings and of course everything goes straight to your mouth.  You are working on tooth number 4 after all.

Still refusing a bottle, but you love to drink out of my water bottle or cup.  We tried a sippy cup, but you just chew on it, imagine that.  I am going to start feeding you food this month and I know you are excited about it.  You stare at us eating and if you are close enough you try to claim some of our dinner as your own!

You are jabbering and squealing all of the time now and this is probably my favorite development!  It is like we are having a conversation back and forth.  I still say "mamma" four thousand times a day to you with no luck yet, but I am hoping it will come soon.

Right after you eat and are still milk drunk you lay your head back and stick your chin up revealing that little neck that hides under your chubby cheeks.  You let me kiss you all over your neck and jaws, like you are in a trance or something.  Sometimes we even let Daddy get in on some of this loving ;)  It is so funny because as long as I keep kissing you just lay there completely still which is extremely rare!

You have started this little sniffing snorty thing all the time and it is unbelievably cute.  This is the face you make...

I really cannot believe you have been here 6 months already, then again it feels like you have always been here.   You fit in our lives so perfectly and you make everything more fun.  I am so excited to share your first Christmas with you, even though you won't really understand anything yet.  You are the best present Daddy and I could have ever asked for!  You still love me best, but Daddy is coming in a close second these days.  We are going to have to have a chat about that ;)
I love your sweet, silly personality and I am so blessed that I get to watch you grow and learn every day.  Happy Half Birthday my little love!

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