Fall Around Here!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and it is in full swing! Cool weather, football and lots of time with family and friends.  I love that I get to share this time with my baby girl and hubby.  We have had a super busy month and I have a feeling things aren't going to be slowing down anytime soon :)

Miss Allie Kate turns 4!!!

I cannot believe this sweet little girl is 4 years old!  I know she is not mine, but I love her like she is! My sister and I are so close and I have been lucky to have a very special relationship with her girls.  I feel so blessed that I get to watch this precious girl grow up and I am so proud to be her aunt!

She had a cowgirl themed birthday party complete with pony rides and a petting zoo!  We had a great time :)

Olivia's First Halloween!

So I was going to be super crafty and make her costume and then.....I didn't haha.  I found a Snow White costume at target and it matched her headband I had made for her custom costume I was going to make and I decided that she would be a princess this year.  We went to my mom's house and ate beef stew and cornbread muffins and waaaayyyyyy too many sweets :)   
We stopped on the way and took pictures with Allie and Ava.  Are these not the cutest girls ever?!?!
(Olivia was asleep in the car and I woke her up to take pictures.  That is why she is not her normal smiley little self, haha)


I have tried to get outside as much as possible and that includes lots of walks when Chad gets off of work.  We are just loving our new home and our neighborhood.  We have lots of hills to walk on and I am usually panting by the time we get home.  Yes, the former fitness instructor can barely walk a flight of stairs without being winded ;)   To my defense, when you have an extra 15 pounds strapped to your chest it is a wee bit more challenging!  On a side note, I have got to start working out again...more on that later

Obsessed is not even the word....

We have got to spend a lot of time with cousins and friends this month.  Olivia is starting to really watch and react to other babies and I think it is the cutest thing!

Olivia got a brand new friend this month too!  Sweet Caroline is finally here!  We went to the hospital to see this little beauty and we are super excited for some play dates!  They are only 4 months apart!  

Her true new best friend is her foot!!!  This girl absolutely loves to eat her feet and I think it is the cutest thing ever.  She started doing it every time I changed her diaper and let her feet free from her sleepers so I started letting her wear top and bottom pj's around the house so she can get to her feet better and she is in heaven!

The best part about this month and every month is always family time!  I feel so blessed to be a family of three and I thank God every day for these two!

Holiday season is now upon us and I plan on going thoroughly nuts with festiveness!!!!

Have a lovely and blessed day!

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