Cry, Cry Baby...

Sleep training.  
Two words I have dreaded since the day my little angel was born.  My little one has been a pretty good sleeper from the beginning, sleeping between 4 and 6 hour stretches at night.  Lately, she has decided she needs to sleep with me and eat every 2 hours and be rocked to sleep and the minute I lay her down wake up crying.  This equals no sleep for baby or mommy.  I decided to give cry it out a shot.  I had heard horror stories of this method and I was really nervous, but I also know that we gotta get some sleep around here. 

Night 1-
I gave her a bath, read her a story, fed her and then laid her down.  She fussed for about 30 minutes and then went to sleep. She slept from 7:30 to 4:30 am- whoo hoo!!!  She didn't even cry when she woke up.  I heard her sucking on her hand in the monitor and went and fed her and she went back to sleep until 7:30am.  She took 3 maybe 45 minute naps in her crib the next day with no crying to go to sleep. 

Night 2-
We do our bedtime routine and she is soooo sleepy that I put her down early, 7:00.  She went straight to sleep, no fussing!  She slept until 2:30 am, ate and went right back to sleep until 7:30am. That day she went down for her naps again with no crying at all.

So as you can imagine I am feeling pretty confident at this point.  My child is a genius.  

Night 3-
Bedtime routine, like normal, she is again very sleepy and she falls asleep while eating.  I try to wake her up while putting her in bed, but she is seriously out.  30 minutes later the shit hits the fan.  She is screaming like someone is beating her in there.  I immediately think something is horribly wrong.  I run to her bed and as soon as she sees my face she starts smiling and laughing.  Part of me is relieved that there is nothing wrong, but now what??  I patted her tummy and told her night night and walked out of the room.  She again begins to peel the paint off the walls with her screams.  My husband tries to start a conversation about some house project, but all I can focus on are the shrieks coming from her room.  It lasted for 15 minutes.  I know that is not a long time, but it was absolutely awful.  In those 15 minutes I thought about going to get her 15 thousand times.  I pretty much felt like not only was I a bad mom, but a pretty horrible human being as well.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing this for her own good and she has been doing really, really well with this.  She did sleep until 2:30am, woke to eat and then back down until 6:30am.  She did great with naps during the day again, no crying!

Night 4-
Bath, book, booby...she falls asleep again while eating and sleeps like a little lamb....for about 30 minutes.  More screaming her poor little head off.  That lasted for 15 minutes.  Again, I feel like scum, no, lower than scum, the maggots that feed on pond scum ( I'll give ya 10 bucks if you can name the movie that came from).  She slept until 3am, ate and went back to sleep until 6:30am.  She took three hour long naps with no fussing the next day.  I don't get it... she goes down perfect for nap time, but loses her mind at night?? Something just ain't right.

Night 5-
I am smarter than my 4 month old, right?  I think maybe the reason she is having a hard time at night is because she is falling asleep while eating and then wakes up alone in a dark room and freaks out. So I think I can fix this.  She goes down great for naps so if I lay her down awake at night things should be just peachy.  I change up the bedtime routine tonight feeding her and then bath and storytime and lay her down. I was totally expecting her to fall straight asleep and not cry at all.  She did do better than the nights before.  There was no screaming banshie hiding in her room.  It took her about 40 minutes to go to sleep, only 10 of which spent fussing, but it was her sleepy fuss at least.  She slept until 3 am, ate and then went back to sleep until 7:45.  Again, great naps during the day.  High hopes for night 6!

Night 6-
We invested in a night light thinking maybe she would sleep better with a light in there, plus it sure does make it easier for me when I am changing her diaper in the middle of the night - or early morning as it has been these days.  My little nugget is pretty smart.  She starts whining when I walk in her room to put her down for the night.  She knows what's up by this point.  I lay her down and rub her tummy and sing "twinkle twinkle" although she is not entertained by this.  She was fussing a little and her eyes were almost closed before I even left the room.  She fussed for another 10 minutes and went to sleep.  Now, I say fuss instead of cry because she is truly not crying, more like whiny talking.  She slept until 4:30am, ate and went back to sleep until 7:30.  Napped like a champ the next day :)

Night 7-
I am beginning to think that fussing for 10 minutes or so is as good as it's gonna get.  I really don't like the idea of her going to sleep every night unhappy, but she is sleeping REALLY well once she goes to sleep so something has to be working.  We do bedtime routine and she starts whining again when we walk in her room and while I sing to her.  I walk out preparing myself for the worst.  I look at the clock to start the timer and suddenly I realize she isn't fussing anymore.  I grab the monitor and look at her and she is laying there looking around and then she closes her sweet little eyes and falls asleep....SUCCESS!!!!!  I kept waiting for her to wake up crying, but I didn't hear a peep from her until 4am!

I have been torn on the cry it out subject and I know it is not for everyone.  We have honestly had a very easy go at it and it is working for us.  Now, since that first week she may fuss a couple of minutes when I first lay her down at night, no longer than 5 minutes, but I believe she is resting so much better than before.  Before starting this journey she had only slept 5 hour stretches during the night.  She now sleeps at least 8, most of the time 10!  She is taking better naps during the day too, up to 3 hours.  She is a very wiggly little sleeper and I think she wakes herself up while flailing around in her bed, but now she knows how to put herself back to sleep.  She also wakes up happier.  She used to cry every time she woke up.  She would stop as soon as she saw me, but now she wakes up happy and I hear her talking and grunting to herself.  I had to document this so I can look back with baby #2 when I am crying harder than the baby and know that it is worth it, for everybody :) 

Sweet sleeping big girl!  Can't help but miss rocking this angel to sleep every night... Pretty sure I will get to again though, we should have teething coming up just around the corner ;)


  1. This is such great information! I found your blog through Pinterest and quickly started reading all of your posts. My baby boy is due in Feb 2014. Thank you for sharing your stories!!! You are helping many other mommies to be out there like me. :)

  2. Congratulations on your baby boy! Thanks for the sweet comment! We mommies have to stick together :)

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