3 Months Old

How in the world have three months passed since my little nugget came into this world??  This last month has flown by even faster than the first two.  We are finally moving into our new house - Whoop Whoop!!!!  Actually the move starts today, how do I have time to blog you ask?  My awesome hubby is taking the first load and let me and baby girl sleep in this morning.  I feel like this month has been a whirlwind of craziness trying to get everything finished up on the house and be a mommy to an ever changing bundle of joy!

3 Month Stats
Weight: 13 pounds
Not sure about the length, but she is already too long for her 3 month sleepers!
New tricks: laughing, sitting up in the bumbo (even though she HATES it - she does better when I just sit her in my lap and hold her legs still), rolling on her side, and my favorite...sitting on my hip - been waiting on this one since she was born!  She's not a pro yet, but we practice everyday ;)


Monthly Milestones

Olivia got to watch sleep in her swing during her first Alabama Football game!!!  We are a football loving family and it kind of broke my heart that my whole family got to go to the first game and we did not, but such is life with a new babe.  We were planning our move and trying to pack so we spent the weekend at home and watched Alabama pull a win on tv.  This little cutie was absolutely precious for her photo shoot ;)
Little lady got her first pedicure, compliments of mommy :)  I have been looking forward to the day I got the paint these pudgy piggies since the day I found out I was having a GIRL!  She was less than thrilled by the whole experience.  She wiggled and fussed, but I just kept on going.  I should have taken a before bath picture because there was paint all over those little fat feet!  After a good 20 minutes the bath tub picking it off her skin...pretty little piggies!

Mommy's little shopping partner!  Daddy is in trouble, this little chick loves to shop as much as I do!  We have had to run around like crazy for new house goodies and she has been such a trooper.  I really do cherish every moment we get to spend together.

Girl loves to sleep on her Daddy.  She stretches out and he will hold her forever!!!  I absolutely love watching him love her.  It melts my heart in a way I never thought possible.  Love these two more than words can say!

To my little lovie
Every day I look at you and think you could not possibly get any cuter and then the next day you do something even more amazing.  You smile every time I look at you and I just eat it up!  You are such a sweet and happy baby and I love that we get to spend so much time together (thanks to Daddy who works so hard for both of us).  Your little personality is really starting to shine.  You are going to be silly, just like me.  Really, you have no choice because I am in your face every waking moment making you talk and smile and laugh with me :)  You really are my little sunshine and can make me smile no matter what is going on.  Thanks for always being your sweet little self :)