Month 1...Gone!

I don't even know where to begin... this has been the best month of my life by far as well as the craziest!  I cannot believe my little lovie has already been here a month, but then I can't even remember what it was like to not have her in my life.  Here is a little recap of what all we did this month.  I promise to be better with my postings because I seem to have some memory failure.. I blame it on lack of sleep!

Monthly Milestones

We celebrated our first holiday together, The 4th of July!  We went to the lake with my fam and it rained ALL weekend long!!!  That did not bother my little nugget one little bit, or mommy for that matter (I was not too excited to wear a bikini anyways).  Instead of outdoor activities we stayed inside and ate like there was no tomorrow, one of both our favorite things to do :)  I also had multiple festive outfits for Olivia which turned out to be a good thing since she blew it out in the first outfit I had her in (and all over me..back to the shower it was)

We attended our first play date! Last week we went to Crystal's house with 9 other kiddos to enjoy the summer weather!  Well, the other kids played while we chilled in the air conditioning.  It was so much fun! Olivia enjoyed playing with little Finley who is only 4 days younger than her (I think).  We put them in the nap nanny together and it was pretty darn cute.  Olivia looks like she just punched poor Finley, but really they loved each other :)

We took our first trip to the Galleria to shop for me some new clothes.  Any new mom will tell you, this is not such a joyous occasion.  I am too small for my maternity clothes and still don't fit into my regular clothes so shopping was a must.  I decided it is much more fun to shop for this little bit, she looks so cute in everything!

My sweet little baby also experienced her first sugar high this month.  Good job mom!  I have always had a crazy sweet tooth and I lost it during the first part of my pregnancy only to come back towards the end with a mean vengeance! Now that I am nursing I am so hungry all of the time and guess what I am hungry for??  I ate a whole can of cake icing in one sitting followed by an entire pack of golden oreos a few hours later.  I thought I was being so good because I was told to avoid chocolate so golden oreos are a go!  The next day my child stopped sleeping...I mean at all!  In a 36 hour span she maybe slept 4 hours in short 20 minute naps followed by a wide awake flailing, kicking baby.  She was so fussy after a while because she was absolutely exhausted!  I did everything I could think of and the girl just would not go to sleep.  I finally realized (after hours of googling) that I had given her a sugar high, what a proud moment for me not!  I have learned to moderate my sugar intake and it is no fun, but then neither is being awake for 24 hours straight ;)

Even when she was fussing and acting a fool, this little face still lights up my world!
 Morning snuggles are the BEST!!!  Hair all a mess and milk from the night before dried on her little face haha!

To my sweet Olivia Jane

You are the sweetest most snuggly little angel in the whole world!  You have brought me so much happiness over this last month I cannot even explain how much I love you.  I can tell that you already love me too.  If I walk in a room and start talking you are looking around trying to find me.  You can be all upset and I can snuggle you in close to my heart and you calm down.  My favorite time is in the mornings after Daddy goes to work when I get you in the bed with me and we snooze for a couple of hours snuggled up together.  You let me kiss and love all over you and I LOVE it!  I am beyond blessed to be your mommy and I cannot wait to watch you grow, but not too fast!


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