34 Weeks

How far along: 34 Weeks
Total weight gain: 26 pounds
Maternity clothes:  Definitely, but still mixing in some non maternity dresses.  I love a summer sundress more than anything :)
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: The sand-man must have stopped by my house this week because I have been sleeping great!  I still wake up every couple of hours to pee or flip over, but at least I can go back to sleep.  After weeks of sleeplessness, I'll take it!!!
Best moment this week: Just trying to finish everything up for my baby girl!  The hubby joined me on an all day shopping trip on Saturday with my bomb list of everything  we still need for her arrival.  I am going into crazy mode trying to get everything done.  This baby brain is no joke..I cannot think of anything else!
Miss anything: Just being comfortable.  I am feeling VERY pregnant right now and I know I am only going to get bigger!  Went to dinner last night for a friend's birthday and I REALLY wanted a margarita!  I settled for a virgin strawberry daiquiri ;)
Movement: Lots of movement and hiccups!  She has been doing this weird thing where she gets her feet in my hip bones and pushes her little booty in my ribs and it feels like she is literally trying to escape!!!
Food cravings: CHOCOLATE!!! And fruit
Anything making you sick: not unless you count eating until I make myself sick...which is not so hard to do these days, not a whole lot of room left in there.
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Not yet, but I will say I wouldn't have my feelings hurt if she decides to come at 37 weeks!
Symptoms: Horrible burning pain under my right rib cage, it is getting increasingly hard to move as well haha
Belly button in or out: Amazingly it is still hanging in there!  I have a feeling it won't be for too much longer though
Wedding rings: on and I have had almost no swelling! Hope it stays that way!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happier than a bird with a french fry, or a pregnant lady with a french fry ;)
Looking forward to: We are supposed to take maternity pictures this weekend if the weather cooperates so fingers crossed.  This Sunday is also Mother's Day.  We are going to celebrate with my lovely Momma :)

On the home front: 
We have finally broken ground on the house!!! Whooooo hooooooo!!!!!  We also went to pick out brick colors and interior finishes this week.  It was very overwhelming, but I think that I am going to LOVE what we picked and I can't wait to share our progress :)   For now, here is the hole that will soon hold our basement!

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