32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Weeks...8 months!!!
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes: Yep, mixing in some maxi dresses too in this warm weather :)
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: What is that again??? I guess this is God's way of preparing me for my little angel.  Tossing and turning with sore hips and ribs..and not to mention I have to get up to pee every hour.
Best moment this week: I have had a really fun week!  I had my work baby shower on Saturday and got lots of goodies from my sweet friends! Yesterday I went to lunch with 6 of my closest friends and all of their babies ;)
Miss anything: taking a deep breath, sleeping on my back, and I would give my left pinky toe for a corndog right about now!
Movement: Still very active!  She has also been getting hiccups two or more times a day this week!  It feels really cool, but I don't think she likes it too much...she wiggles around a lot when she gets them.
Food cravings: CHOCOLATE EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not a thing
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Nope, and I have got to stop watching A Baby Story cause it is seriously scaring the crap out of me!
Symptoms: Crazy burning pain under my right rib cage that hurts ALL of the time.  It is even sore to the touch on my skin....so weird!  I feel really good besides that!  And the fact that I feel enormous ;)
Belly button in or out: Still staying in there, but it is mighty shallow these days.
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: I am super happy!  We put baby girl's crib together this week (I know, late to the game) and I just stared in her room at it every time I passed by.  I cannot believe she will be here in 8 weeks...or less...YIKES!
Looking forward to: My big baby tea is this weekend!  Hooray for lots of baby goodies and seeing all of my friends and family!  I bought a non maternity dress a couple of weeks ago and I sure hope it still fits!

In other news:  I am still teaching my BodyPump and two yogas a week...have to give myself a little pat for that!  It is most definitely a challenge, but I am hoping it makes labor and delivery easier and a faster recovery.  Plus the yoga does wonders for my back!  I am going to do a post about working out while pregnant and include some of my favorite exercises and stretches...in my free time :)

Here is a pic of my lunch dates from yesterday...Love these ladies and their little ones so much :)

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