26 Weeks

How far along: 26 Weeks
Total weight gain: 20 pounds..that's a milestone I was hoping to wait a few more weeks on haha
Maternity clothes: I went bathing suit shopping today...and now I am stuffing my face with fudge stripe cookies to drown the misery ;)
Stretch marks: None yet
Sleep: Hit and miss
Best moment this week: Is it sad that I am having a hard time remembering what I did this morning, much less in the last week??  This pregnancy brain is really starting to get to me!  Oh, I did finally decide on nursery theme!!!  Previews to come soon
Miss Anything: Being able to sleep on my back...hips are killing me from sleeping on my side!
Movement: Oh yeah!  We sat on the couch the other night after dinner and watched her do a little jig, my belly was going crazy!
Food cravings: fruit, chocolate and fried chicken again...yum!!
Anything making you queasy: Not a thing...
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Is being ravenously hungry all of the time a symptom?  Cause you can add a double check to that one!  I have felt great this week, just insatiable!
Belly button in or out: still staying in
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!! Especially when I have a bag of starburst tropical jellybeans in my hands
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor next Tuesday!  I have my glucose test, which I don't know why everyone makes a big deal about, doesn't sound so bad to me...we shall see!  Just happy to hear her heartbeat and hoping that everything is going well!

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